Friday, 6 May 2011

Turning a Blind Eye?

You may just be able to make out a 95 year old lady's bungalow in this recent picture. I have previously mentioned that the lady's nephew complained to Carmarthenshire's Planning department, last August, after they decided there was a case for planning enforcement to step in then suddenly decided there wasn't, I quote from the nephew's Facebook page "Impinging just a bit on visual amenity? I've just sent a reminder to the Carmarthenshire Planning Department that I've not yet had a reply to my complaint last Autumn that there are no grounds for acting in this instance!" Carmarthenshire planners were accused by a Planning Inspector at a separate inquiry last November of, and I quote, "turning a blind eye" for seven years! - this is yet another classic example - they haven't even bothered to reply to his complaint. . 

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