Monday, 11 April 2011

Carmarthenshire Councillors Allowances 2011

I notice that the Council has just published the allowances and expenses of it's 74 County Councillors for 2010 to 2011. By my reckoning the totals are actually down by £14,369 from £1,381,779 in 2009 to £1,367,410. I thought for one moment that belts had been tightened, particularly amongst the Executive Board Members but then I remembered it is actually the money saved by not refilling the vacancy (yet) that arose on the Executive Board last year. Oh well.
On closer inspection I see that Cllr Gravell, the Leader, still coins in over £49000 and Cllr Madge, Deputy Leader still enjoys a shade under £34000 whilst Cllr Scourfield, Member in charge of Planning has manged to add an extra £200 or so to his takings bringing them to a whisker under £32,500. Our own Local Member, Cllr Theophilus, whose efforts I value at around £26, actually takes over £26,000. I should imagine that these figures will be further analysed by our local journalists.

As ever, some Councillors do strive to make a difference and their efforts should be recognised but they are the very few and include none named above. There is also, as we all know, a minority who have additional 'perks' which are not, of course, included in the published figures....

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Dic Deryn said...

One of the things which sticks in the throats of many people is the composition of the ruling elite - for the most part male, rich and well beyond retirement age - supplementing their already generous pensions with a lovely £30k+ in benefits in a county where most people are earning very much less. And it was ever thus.

Decent allowances should be available to attract more women, younger people and people from different backgrounds to stand for election, but they should not be doled out to people who really do not need the money.

Perhaps Gravell and Co should be means-tested before they get any dosh.