Saturday, 19 February 2011

Housing Benefit Cuts - Carmarthenshire - Leaked Document

Today's South Wales Evening Post reports ( Benefits blitz 'set to target poorest') on the contents of a 'leaked' Carmarthenshire council document, sent to Councillors, which refers to the Coalition government's proposed shake up of housing benefits. It deals with the probable, and worrying, effect on residents in Carmarthenshire, predicting a sharp rise in 'evictions, homelessness and poverty', there will be a 'negative effect on social inclusion and the local economy' as housing benefit is cut to Carmarthenshire claimants to the tune of £3 million.
The way in which housing benefits will be administered will also change so job losses in the Council's benefits section are also predicted.

Incidentally I'm sure it's not exactly top secret stuff and there must have been quite a big leak because I've got copy,  if anyone else would like one please email me.

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