Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Persistent Complainants Policy Again

Following recent posts about Carmarthenshire Council's Persistent Complainants Policy, the lady I mentioned, Mrs Breckman has, as I said, been wrongly languishing on this 'policy' for over three and a half years, as has her partner who has barely picked up a pen. They are both pensioners. What is also disturbing is that it is now very clear that not only have they been wrongly labelled, and the policy was flawed and open to charges of maladministration. Hence the review.  
In addition, we now know that the council has failed on numerous occassions to carry out the required 6 monthly review on time, the most recent review being last May! They have also failed to consider new complaints raising fresh issues. These are all matters of Human Rights legislation which the council have possibly breached and I hear Mrs Breckman is pursuing a challenge.


Anonymous said...

It is quite clear that in this lady's case, the register she's been placed on, is being used against her, in order to protect certain officers serious failures coming to light. To persistently complain over serious failings of an authority is not a crime, yet! To still be on this register after three and a half years is clearly draconian and I would suggest breaches her Human Rights. If the purpose of this policy is to stem a persons ability to continue communicating with the authority, then surely it will have had it's desired effect. Why then is she still on this list? I understand a recent Public Inquiry supported Mrs. Breckman's complaints put to this authority. It is clear to me that this policy is being abused, and is designed to be used to silence those who ask officers searching and challenging questions. The fact that they decline to answer, but then place a person on a silencing register instead, should be of dire concern to all. Beware anyone who dares challenge any officers honesty and integrity working for this unethical and immoral authority, you might just be next!! When they have silenced each and every one of us, who is going to be left with the resolve to challenge incompetence, maladministration and even corrupt practices. It has always been the right of every citizen to challenge and question when they are wronged. Our fundamental rights are being eroded by the use of such policies and are a threat to our democratic way of life that we all held dear.

Anonymous said...

I am fully aware of the case of Mrs Breckman and
am incredulous at the lack of integrity,interest, and will, to seek truth and honesty.
It is encumbent upon all council representatives to uphold the democratic processes to which constituents are entitled.It is the constituents who elect councillors to the positions they hold and, for that reason, enthusiasm to uphold truth should be paramount.
The case Mrs Breckman has been pursuing for the last 7 years has been the most shocking example of determined effort by council officers to
disdain,rebuff,scorn and ignore evidence produced.By doing so,which of course they knew,they could then evade responsibility for serious breaches resulting in devastating consequences for two pensioners.
An Assembly inspector catergorically upheld ALL Mrs Breckman's evidence both on oath and in her file produced at the inquiry
With that in mind I now get to the point of whose responsibility it is to investigate all events and evidence involving officers of the council involved in this case.
Of course it is for the councillors and Leader of the council to accept responsibility and now pursue this issue.It is is not only for the satisfaction of Mrs Breckman but in the public interest.