Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Pantecelyn Demo - Council welcoming Committee

Not unrelated to recently imposed measures to restrict public access to council buildings, it's back again briefly to the determined campaigners trying, against the might of Carmarthenshire Council bulldozer policy, to save Pantecelyn Secondary School, Llandovery, from closure. Already labelled as 'orchestrated organisers of opposition' this small band of about 10 children and several parents made their way (30 miles) to Carmarthen's County Hall on Friday, dressed as ghosts (symbolising death of the school, Llandovery, democracy etc..) and waving a few banners. You would think the council, aware that the local paper and even a TV crew had turned out to cover the event would open it's doors with welcoming smiles, or even send a senior officer out to greet them and take their messages and concerns. Of course if you thought that, you would be mistaken. You may also think that Friday afternoon might be fairly quiet with many staff gone home for the weekend but, unsurprisingly, there were sufficient security staff present to ensure another rigorous display of 'protection', and not of the peaceful campaigners of course. Incidentally none of the campaigners recieved a call, as I did, from the Chief Inspector. The spokeslady of the group was greeted at the main door with 'who are you, what do you want?', she explained, very politely, and was escorted across the polished marbled floor to the reception desk where further large gentlemen appeared. The lady's husband was not allowed to enter the hallowed halls as I imagine two campaigners could have posed a real threat to national security. As Council security were puzzling over whether to call the Rapid Response Team or Ghostbusters, it soon became apparent to the campaigners that nobody was coming out to talk to them. This is nothing new of course, endless folk have trailed down to County Hall with petitions, demos etc etc only to be met by the proverbial brick wall and if they're lucky, a junior minion will have drawn the short straw and be thrust out to grab statements etc whilst an accomplice holds the door open so he/she has a quick escape route back in.

You would think, with the generous PR budget and even it's own PR company, SirgarPR, Carmarthenshire Council would get it right one day.


Anonymous said...

Who does Carmarthenshire Council represent?

Dylan said...

As there is now a large shortfall in Assembly money for school building projects, parents, staff, governors etc. of the school might want to start asking whether the money promised for the Ffairfach site is guaranteed.

Leighton Andrews' department might be a good place to start.

caebrwyn said...

@Anonymous not you or me that's for sure.

@Dylan I am also wondering if the whole new build programme will go the way of England - ie scrapped.