Thursday 14 July 2011

Abuse of Power

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A watcher said...

I can't understand why all the councillors sat back and did sod all about this lock in/out. Unless of course they do not believe in democracy for if they did they would get of the fence and start to kick some ass.

marianne said...

Words cannot really describe about what went on yesterday; China has been openly accused of not treating some of it's citizens, who dare to speak out and against the Chinese Government, of breaking Human Rights. Carmarthenshire Council on the other hand is not far off being on the same par. The UK government are trying to assist the Libyan citizens in their effort to overthrow Col. Gadafi, but we citizens in Carmarthenshire are okay to put up with yesterday's actions, let alone with the scandalous treatment of one of our citizens on June 8th 2011 (see daft arrest)?
I urge the people that attended yesterday's public meeting, went through the ordeal of being escorted, having to sign an undertaking and then being locked into the public galary, to stand up united against this kind of treatment and to all object to these dragonian measures. Public meetings are not simply called "public", they are there to allow the public access. We do not accept merely minutes anymore, especially minutes that are changed to give the appearance of "fantastic" decision making councillors. Councillors including the Chief Executive have to adhere to a Code of Conduct and in my opinion the majority of them have broken this code of conduct on more than one occasion. Mrs. T. is not the liability, she is merely used as a scape goat and we should not tolerate this. Mrs. T. is the victim in all of this and we owe it to her to stand up, be counted and not put up with this kind of treatment anymore.

Alistair Sloan said...

Thank you for linking to my article. I am more than happy, if you wish, to offer you a right of reply in relation to the comments within the press statement on my blog. My contact details can be found on my blog or

Anonymous said...

Its a shambles - surely preventing people from entering a public gallery to view council meetings is against the law. Locking them in must also be seen as a bit over the top !

The trouble is that most of our councillors are time servers and most are just too old.

We need to chalenge some of these people and get new blood in.

Meryl must be vulnerable - the labour party must put someone up with a real chance of winning. Pam Palmer has been in place for many years and should be challenged.

The independant group is a party and should be reagrded as such.

There are just so many things wrong with the council and Chief Executive it unreal.

Mrs Angry said...

The only disruption that would ensue should filming be allowed would be caused by their own completely irrational reaction to what is a perfectly reasonable activity. This idiotic, undemocratic stance must be challenged in the courts: are there no law firms willing to take this up as a pro bono case? A sad indictment of the attitude to the defence of liberty and human rights if not.

Cneifiwr said...

Just when you think the council cannot sink any lower, it does. The Press Office is not doing itself any favours by allowing itself to be hijacked in this way, and they would be well advised to think carefully about the long-term implications for their credibility with the press and public when they issue statements which are not only untrue, but also spiteful towards an individual.

If they have a code of conduct, it would presumably oblige them to report objectively and truthfully as public servants working for an arm of government.

They have let themselves down and the people of Carmarthenshire.

Photon said...

Jacqui - you need a libel lawyer. It's one thing to say that any claim was false, but quite another to claim, let alone prove, such allegations/complaints/call them what you will, were issued with malice.

Personally, I would seek legal advice immediately on the statement issued.

Secondly, they say "he only people prejudiced are individuals who are demonstrating a clear intention to defy the Council’s rules."

What rules are those, then? I think we've established that there was never a rule, let alone rules.

A very serious matter that strongly hints, taken together with other material, that it is not the issue that is being dealt with, but the person. It is a very serious matter, to my mind and one that needs robust action.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone asked for copies of the fire and risk assessments for locking people in?

A.C. said...

GO TO A LAWYER. They have clealy libelled you on numerous occasions, and won't stop until consequences begin.

Jayesh Shah said...

I'm shocked that your County Council continue to dig an ever deeper hole here. Aside from signing the petition, and finding out what rules my own local council (London Borough of Enfield) has on filming, is there anything else people like me who live outside of Wales can do to help?

caebrwyn said...

@Jayesh Shah You are helping very much already - carmarthenshire council have never had such a spotlight shone on them from the *outer world* - I just hope it results in a change of attitude towards greater transparency and a new found respect for the electorate. However, I have to say it's not looking promising at the moment.

@A.C and @Photon - agreed but need further advice.

Anonymous said...

I would like to say this. With the furore that is now happening with the Murdochs, the Government and our protectors the police,it is proof that no-one is immune from being exposed for the crimes of corruption, however much they believe they are safe, and however how many years have passed.