Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Short and Snappy

Further to yesterday's post; You can tell there's an election on it's way... (which includes the 'pulled' press release)

I have just noticed that the Plaid politicians, Jonathan Edwards MP, Rhodri Glyn Thomas AM and Cllr Peter Hughes Griffiths have strongly attacked Carmarthenshire Council over this matter. I feel compelled to state that if I had not mentioned on my blog the (suddenly pulled) press release on the Council website yesterday, and fortunately made a copy - this whole issue may have passed them by. It was far stronger than the newspaper article, and was clearly highly inappropriate use of the Council website as well as public resources.
I, and many others, have been telling our MP and AM for YEARS that there is something seriously wrong with the way this Council is run, by certain senior officers and Members alike - does it take me and my blog to point it out AGAIN??
Perhaps it also explains the blog hits I had this morning from the Houses of Parliament, there's not many up there who can spell caebrwyn perfectly.

Sorry to sound a bit annoyed but I find it a little frustrating that despite endless complaints and appeals to our elected representatives by members of the Carmarthenshire public, it is only when Plaid perceive a personal attack on their party do they issue such a vehement statement;

Plaid Cymru attacks County Council's publicly funded electioneering


towy71 said...

Well we all owe you a vote of thanks Jacqui, Plaid seem to be very dog in a manger with their criticism; after all they voted en bloc for the "democratic" reform of needing 7 proposers of motions and so on

Anonymous said...

i get the impression that plaid pick and choose what they want to get involved in. from what i see, they do not care about people's well being and life

Anonymous said...

according to ta local newspaper in ammanford, letters are being dumped in the bin unopened. were these letters from concerebed constituents?

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

What an indictment that your blog is the only voice taxpayers of Carmarthenshire have. Where are our representatives? Thank goodness we have you. It is however further evidence that something is seriously wrong here in Wales.

Tessa said...

Agree with Towy71 - absolutely excellent work Jacqui.