Thursday, 26 January 2012

More questions for Cwm Environmental Ltd

Further to my previous post and Freedom of Information request to Cwm Environmental, Carmarthenshire Council's waste disposal company, new information has arisen. I have now requested some more information. A response is due towards the end of February;

Dear Sir,

Please could either Carmarthenshire Council or Cwm Environmental
Ltd respond to the following requests;

1. The accounts for the year to 31/12/2008 show an item under
"other income" of £3,528,000. Please could you explain how this

2. In the same year the company purchased 20 acres of land at a
price of £650,000, a purchase which according to the County
Council's records had to be funded with a loan of £400,000 from the
authority. Why was the loan necessary in view of the very high
receipts in "other income"?

3. Please detail the resons for the high cost of this land, a
current approxiamate price would be around £1200 per acre, this
land appears to have cost £32,000 per acre.

4. Please confirm the identity of the owner(s) from whom the land
was purchased.

5. You state that Carmarthenshire Council own 100% of this company.
Up until a year or so ago an elected Member of the council had a
place on the Board of Directors and 25% of the vote, a decision was
made to remove this representation. As this company is owned by a
public authority why are the interests of the taxpayer not
represented on the Board of Directors? Please provide detail of how
the taxpayers interests are safeguarded?

Yours faithfully
Jacqui Thompson

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1 comment:

Cneifiwr said...

This is a bit like rummaging through smelly rubbish bins, isn't it?

There must be quite a few farmers round here who wish they could flog their wet, rock-strewn, rush covered fields for £32,000 an acre.

Good luck!