Wednesday 1 June 2011

Where was Cllr Kevin 'Photo Opportunity' Madge then?

The front page of my edition of the Carmarthen Journal pictures a 92 year old lady who had chained herself to the railings of her Day Centre in Llandeilo. She, along with other elderly folk were protesting against the closure, by Carmarthenshire County Council of their much loved centre. This is all part of the Council's plan to 're-categorise' the criteria for social care services to cut costs. Day Centres are, according to the Council, for 'individuals who require social interaction and a hot meal. Service users attend the activity based clubs for the majority of the day but are usually independent and do not have complex care needs' . By 're-assessing' the level of need, they can shift a whole raft of OAP's out of their responsibility and justify closure. A few have been offered places elsewhere but at 92 you'd probably rather not. Four other centres are also closing.
You would think that the Labour Executive Board Member, Deputy Leader and 'Older Peoples Champion', Cllr Kevin Madge would be there actively and loudly supporting the old folk wouldn't you? he also failed to greet them at County Hall a few week's ago to receive their 1500 name petition.

Update; The petition opposing the closure of Noddfa Teilo Day Club will be discussed at the next full Council meeting on the 8th June, perhaps Cllr Madge will rally to support them then?

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