Friday, 26 August 2011

Too Close for Comfort

Another fine example of a carefully considered planning decision from Carmarthenshire County Council?....the correspondent's tiny yard is the bit at the bottom with the white wall. 'Not in my back yard?' - in this case it might as well be. Doesn't look like the parasol will be needed any more.

Carmarthenshire UDP GDC2 Overall Development Policy
"(V) will cause no harm to the privacy and amenity of existing dwellings,……, and their respective occupiers…."Planning Policy Wales Technical Advice Note 12: Design 2002 para.5.67, 3.12 & 3.21
In the interests of both public and private amenity and privacy
To prevent an adverse effect on the amenity of neighbouring buildings and their uses.
To prevent problems caused by a reduction in privacy and daylight, or an increase in smell, noise, vibration, pollution, traffic movement, visual intrusion and shadowing

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Anonymous said...

And sadly, these things are becoming increasingly common as people are forced to build on top of one another by the 'no out of boundary' development policies.

There are planning policies and guidelines, and then there's reality. They don't match at all, whichever part of Wales you're in.