Monday 3 October 2011

Motion of no confidence in Meryl

It has been brought to my attention that Cllr Arthur Davies (People First) has delivered a motion of no confidence in the Leader of Carmarthenshire Council Meryl Gravell ('Independent'). It has, I believe, been accepted as valid for inclusion in the Agenda for the full council meeting on Wednesday, October 12th (10am County Hall).

I assume there will be a vote and it will be very interesting to see how it goes. I have no further details at the moment as the agenda has yet to be published. I also wonder which way the Plaid members will vote this time? Ten years ago she survived a previous no confidence vote with their support.

Meryl under Fire

UPDATE 5th October; Council Motion blocked by Chief Executive surprise surprise,

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Cneifiwr said...

There are only just over 6 months to go before the next council elections, and there have been suggestions that she will stand down then, anyway. The question is whether she will be made to walk the plank a little sooner.

Assuming that the motion is worded in such a way that Plaid can support it, without at least some votes from the minority Labour group, the motion will fail.

All eyes will therefore be on Labour, but their track record has been the opposite of what the Labour Party is supposed to be about. They have pushed through cuts in public services, supported the closure of village schools, allied themselves with big business in the field of planning, supported all of the chief executive's myriad rule changes to reduce democratic accountability and transparency and failed to use their position to insist on policies to help ordinary people, such as building affordable housing.

Sadly, they've got themselves in so deep and abandoned so many of their principles, that it is a racing certainty that they will cling to Meryl's apron strings.