Saturday 18 January 2014

Wales Audit Office - a brief update

I understand that, with regards to the two 'unlawful' payments, the Wales Audit Office and the appointed auditor are still considering the issues and taking advice.

If he should decide to publish public interest reports, this is likely to be during the week commencing the 27th January.

The background to this, briefly, is that back in September 2013 the appointed auditor found two items in the council's accounts which he found to be unlawful relating to payments to the Chief Executive. One was an indemnity to bring a counterclaim for libel and the other was a payment in lieu of a pension contribution.

On the 4th December 2013 the Executive Board reversed the arrangement concerning the pension contribution although remain of the view that it was not 'intrinsically' unlawful.

A BBC Wales article from September outlines the issues and further information is available by searching online.

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