Monday 23 June 2014

Another Press Office failure

Kevin Madge and the council seem to have forgotten the telling off they had from the Ombudsman last year for using the council press office for political purposes. Today's offering from our Leader welcomes the news, direct from Welsh Labour's National Executive Committee, that our wonderful council will probably be spared from disappearing off the map in the proposed forthcoming council mergers.

He is delighted of course that the council will be able to carry on it's merry way untouched, and this removal of doubt is particularly welcome, he tells us, as several new, (and no doubt highly expensive) senior officials need to be appointed....

The mergers are based on the recommendations of the Williams Commission, and are far from set in stone. The plan, which Kev calls 'news' will, in fact, form part of the Welsh Labour manifesto for the 2016 Assembly elections...

The publicly funded press office should not be used for political purposes, of any colour. The 'press protocol' is now under review (yes another review), which clearly can't come soon enough.


Wavell said...

I hope that the "new directors" will look closely at the staffing levels at CCC.
From my experience you have the Chief Executive surrounded by Departmental Head (who have little knowledge of what is happening in their departments.
The Department Heads are then surrounded by God knows how many "Managers" who give you different answers to the same question.
Then the "Managers" are surrounded by their "Public Liaison Officers" who give different opinions depending on which "Manager" he is involved with.
Then of course you have the workers.
Unfortunately this scenario is typical of all Public Services, but nobody has the common sense to stop it.
Oh, as for the Blue Badge Scheme, it really needs looking into, it is grossly abused.(I tried to put "grossly" in bold but failed.
CCC could make lots of income by heavily fining those who miss-use the Blue Badge.

Anonymous said...

Wavell 19.30

What you say makes a lot of sense.