Monday 24 November 2014


Council leader Kevin Madge (Lab) has been gracing the pages of the local press recently pledging and vowing to support an end to domestic violence. This evening both he and leader of the independents, Cllr Pam Palmer took part in a candlelit march through Carmarthen supporting the 'White Ribbon' campaign to end violence towards women and girls.

One can only speculate as to how their minds work given that last week they both rubber stamped the proposed budget for consultation, axing a £32,000 grant to Women's Aid.


Anonymous said...

AMs are in line for a pay rise of £10,000 after the next election, thats also very wrong, do away with them and save the money ..

Wavell said...

Modern Politics Jacqie.
They think no one is watching.
Just look at the positive things in Kev's area just before each election.
Arcade Terrce - still a dump.
Workingmens Hall - Falling Down.
Ind Est Rejuvenation - Rents will probably soar out of reach.

Modern politics !! Thank the Lord for Bloggers.

Anonymous said...

How these people live with their conscience is beyond me.

Anonymous said...

They are hypocrites.