Monday 7 December 2015

Committee rejects 10% pay cut for Executive Board colleagues

Last month I mentioned proposals from the Independent Remuneration Panel Wales (IRPW) to cut some Executive Board salaries by 10%, see Councillors' Pay.

In Carmarthenshire there are ten executive board members, five Plaid and five Independents; seven of them receive £29,000 each; the two (yes, two) deputy leaders £31,250 apiece, and the Leader, Emlyn 'two barns' Dole, £48,000 per year. These figures do not include expenses.

The IRPW suggested that executive members with smaller workloads, perhaps four or five out of the seven, should take a 10% cut.

Not exactly drastic and not altogether unreasonable, you might think, given the current financial restraints and massive budget cuts on the horizon.

However, the proposal was offset somewhat by a suggested £2000 increase in deputy leaders' pay, so Cllrs Pam Palmer (Ind) and Dai Jenkins (Plaid) would then be on £33,250 each.

The IRPW report went out for consultation and was dealt with by the Council's ironically named Democratic Services Committee at the end of November.

The minutes do not record any protest over the proposed £2000 increase, but the 10% cut for their esteemed Executive Board colleagues?

"Members expressed concern as to whether, half way through the current electoral terms, it was necessary and desirable to introduce a two tier system of salaries for Executive Board Members that would necessitate differentiating between the portfolios.

UNANIMOUSLY RESOLVED to authorise the Chair to submit a response to the IRPW on behalf of the Committee taking on board the concern raised".

In other words...sod off.


Blodwen said...

Like Nero, they are playing while watching Rome burn. They don't care and are only interested in their own nefarious gains.

They are clinging on for every last shekel they can get their grubby mitts on before this council is disbanded and major services are subsumed by Cardiff. And its coming.

Once Cardiff has control these oxygen thieves will have no other means of income, which justifies their actions. Lets face it, none of them would secure a normal job on average income.

After all, imagine pulling up to the window in McDonalds to collect your shake and fries only to be presented by the sight of meryl grovel? Shudder the thought! My shake would sour instantly!

Wavell said...

And I thought they were short of money.
How wrong I was !!!


A vote for DOLE as being UNFIT FOR PURPOSE would attract votes - TRY IT IF YOU DARE.


Formerly known as Blodwen said...

Although I agree with the comment @18.07, someone's using my alias and is also calling herself Blodwen. From now on I shall be writing under the name of SheDragon and the new Blodwen can happily carry on using the name.

Anonymous said...

Can we please have a meeting to reject Council Tax increases ?