Wednesday 13 April 2016

Vote for Sian Caiach and People First on May 5th!

Good luck to Sian Caiach and People First for the Llanelli constituency Assembly election, and the regional list, on May 5th. 
Sian is on Facebook and Twitter and her website is here.


Unknown said...

Cllr Sian Caiach has proved, I believe, she follows the 7 principles of public office by how she does her best for her present constituents which has brought her into hot water with CEO Mark James. The job of any public servant whether elected or just paid for from the public purse is to look after the public interest not just their own. When working previously as a surgeon in the NHS (Prince Phillip Hospital) Sian disclosed wrongdoing and suffered the same fate as many others who speak up in the public interest do. People First is a movement under whose banner any budding representatives who believe he/she will always follow Bell's Principles of Public Office can put themselves forward for election. In Carmarthenshire we need representative whose loyalty is to their constituents first not to parties whose only interest is to gain power even if it means ignoring (in our case) the misdeeds of our County Council's officers and Executive members. Personally I am willing to give People First a chance to change what is wrong in our Welsh LAs by giving them a platform from which to "nag" the Welsh Assembly Government into taking action to clean up self serving LAs who continually fail us. Have a look on the People First website and google her, you should be able to find info on her whistleblowing and when CEO Mark James complained about her to the Ombudsman (he was not used to members refusing to be silenced regarding concerns they had). Officers order our representatives not to communicate with us, their constituents, when they wish to cover up or ignore ongoing issues. We need our representatives to stand up for us not accept being told to ignore us and to leave us to flounder unaided. My Plaid Cllr kept her distance from me once told not to get involved further in my issue. My Labour AM put his loyalty to his party first, when Labour was in power in the CCC, before the need to assist in persuading the Social Services Complaints department to look into the failures of POVA to protect service users from further abuse after a number of us residential care workers blew the whistle on the institutional abuse in the CCC care home we worked in. POVA should protect service users; the very good CCC Whistleblowing Policy in place to nip in the bud actions taking place which are against the public interest including safeguarding the vulnerable is of no use when officers including the CEO and the Ombudsman ignore and refuse to follow it's procedures. Service users, the public and whistleblowers are being failed yet the CCC only have to point to their robust policies for outside bodies to ignore the fact they have not been following them; seems our public bodies must have robust policies in place but they need not follow them as that is not viewed as important especially when only the vulnerable, the complainant and the whistleblower are the ones to suffer and left unprotected. A public body's reputation must be protected whatever the cost to us and the public purse! Look how much money has been wasted trying to prevent Jacqui reporting on the CCC's shenanigans.

Anonymous said...

Although I do not dispute Sian's integrity as a county councillor, i wish she would not stand for election for the Assembly , its completely pointless and has robbed Llanelli being represented by Helen Mary - who did a good job here and managed to crack teh Labour vote. However, She should certainly start recruting and forming a viable party of opposition for next year;s County Council elections I am am totally disappointed with Plaid Cymru 's record despite always voting for them but shan't anymore. They are kowtowing to Mr James and have not done anything to improve democracy and clarity regarding the shenanigans of the past few years by the numerous incompetent and corrupt Executive Boards. I cannot believe that they have done nothing to restrain Mr james' vengful pursit of you, SHAME ON THEM especially as they have 2 ministers intheir midst., one bieng the current leader, hypocrisy