Wednesday 19 October 2016


Update, 9th November, below

Since I became aware that the chief executive had made complaints to the police earlier this year I have been struggling to understand his motive. As I have reported there was insufficient evidence to bring either of his complaints, harassment nor perverting the course of justice, anywhere near a criminal court. It backfired. The Police Information Notice, or harassment warning, was nonsense and I am attempting to challenge it through the system.

However, it was the allegation that I perverted the course of justice which I found most puzzling. The police eventually confirmed that this related, entirely, to the findings of the judge in the libel case. I need not repeat here what I thought of the judgement.
The decision to drop the criminal investigation raises two questions, why did Mr James make the complaint, three years after the judgement (and what did he hope to achieve), and how could a judge find me guilty of an offence in a civil court, which didn't stand up to the criminal standard of proof? The consequence of the libel judgement and this finding in particular, which was astonishing, and so wrong, was that my legal insurance was revoked and I'm facing a charge on my home for £190,000.

Back in 2011, five years ago, Mr James wrongly accused me of this offence in his letter to the Madaxeman blog and it was this grave accusation which prompted the legal case. In his letter he said that the council chose not put the complaint to the police as 'the officer concerned, like many others, did not want to make a fuss and the Council respects that'
Further to that, following the judgement in March 2013, three years ago, there was no criminal complaint made to the police, a fact confirmed by the police themselves in response to media queries.

Which brings us to 2016. When I learned of the allegation, which appears to have been made sometime after the complaint of harassment, I was shocked but not unduly concerned. I had told the truth all along and my conscience was clear. As it was, the police could find no evidence anyway so that was some vindication at least.

The council didn't make the complaint to the police, it was the chief executive, personally. He was also quite prepared now to involve all those concerned, who apparently, and according to him, hadn't wanted to 'make a fuss', to pursue a personal criminal allegation.
I can find no explanation for his action other than simple malice.

Update 9th November - The following extract from my police complaint report suggests that the police were also wondering about Mr James' motives;

"It was also considered that Mr James could be looking ‘at having two bites of the cherry’ in making a criminal allegation as the civil case was finalised some three years ago and the timing of the allegation when Carmarthenshire County Council and Mr James are actively pursuing Mrs Thompson for the outstanding monies from the civil action must be questioned."


Martin Milan said...

Hi Jacqui,

I've recently been having some trouble with my step daughter's father, who has contacted the police accusing me of harrassment, intimidation, stalking and blackmail. That led to my arranging to meet the police to give them the evidence that I am completely innocent (accepted), and to try and have him warned about making malicious allegations in the future...

Whilst not a lawyer, I do have an interest in the law, so I proposed making use of the Protection From Harrassment Act 1997 to prevent the idiot from continuing his campaign of false allegations. The police advised me not to do so, and you'll love the reason why...

Apparently, should a warning have been given, I would have exposed myself to potential legal issues. It seems that once one side in a dispute has been issued with a warning, should the other (victim) contact them in any way, it is almost routine that a warning would be made against the victim (!). I asked if there was not an evidential test here to be considered - apparently not...

I just thought, should James continue his attacks, you might find that interesting...

Anonymous said...

I bet james has voodoo dolls of you too.

His desperation and sheer malice towards you is beyond belief. Has he lost leave of his senses?

What next? Deportation order?

Face.... palm

Anonymous said...

That also was the same in my case!! God knows how it makes any sense other than allowing the police to ignore both parties as they both get the warning. It is deeply personal and hurtful when false malicious allegations are made and that is something the police should take seriously as it can be the thin end of the wedge.

Ken Haylock said...

He's a charmer, isn't he.

Anonymous said...

This scumbags' chicken's will come home to roost. And when they do no-one, not one person will be willing to lift a finger to help him. The bullying, thuggish, sleazy, back-stabbing, playing one off against another tactics employed by this low-life have served him well so far, but in the process he has lost any dignity, friends and support. People are afraid of him, for what reason I have no idea, he simply is a jumped up little napoleon and we all know what happened to him.

Surrounding himself with ignorant people (meryl grovel, pam 'patsy' palmer et al) only works so long. People are aware of his methods now and more often his tactics are being questioned and brought into doubt.

The day will come when james oversteps the line and that day cannot come quick enough. Hopefully the whole of Carmarthen Council will turn out en-masse to slow clap his departure, bolstered by the very people he has constantly held up the metaphorical middle finger towards.

We can all but dream, but the sooner this low life has departed the county the better.

Until then Jacqui, hold on to what you can and I trust and hope that this idiot will see the futility of his actions and desist with this spiteful unnecessary action.