Wednesday 22 June 2011

Carmarthenshire Council - Officially a Rotten Borough

This week's issue of Private Eye;

Thanks to Private Eye for highlighting the issues in the article, please click on it and have a read. Also thanks again for the very comprehensive coverage of the #daftarrest story in today's Carmarthen Journal. Especially @AlexMurraySmith @DConnopPrice and the Editor @CathrynIngs. There is a link to some of their exclusive coverage here; But if you are local, please buy a copy for fuller coverage. The wider issues of filming council meetings is also discussed. I will also digest what has been said by the Council and Police so far, and comment later on, as I have said before I am certain I have a case against both, and believe me I am working on it.


Dic Deryn said...

Still early days, but it looks like a couple of shafts of light have penetrated the gloom. Will Mr James be able to patch up the roof and stop the sunlight flooding in on his rotten borough?

Well done Caebrwyn! I'm still hoping Dyfed Powys police will ask for nominations for this year's heroes in the community. It's yours for the taking.

Broomhillblogger said...

Hi Jacqui - great to open my copy of Private Eye this morning and see the Rotten Borough column! Well done!
I don't see how filming a meeting can be against the rules when a number of councils voluntarily make video coverage available.

Carmarthenshire Council needs an Aegean stable hose-out of all the lies that have accumulated; so it's good to see national and regional media taking an interest.

Serendipity said...

Mark James, together with the Chief of police might consider another photo shoot, - in place of sharing a cake- sharing and holding a letter of apology to you. Considering the huge PR disaster they are both responsible for, together with the total injustice meted out to yourself, it should be a requisite. Only would happen tho if they actually cared about their reputations, how the general public perceive them, and truly wished to be seen to be doing the ethical and honourable thing.

Anonymous said...

Carmarthen Council are now upsetting the Horse World.See this week's Horse and Hound Cover story on-line. Is it time for the Council to seek Independence?

Anonymous said...

Isn't it interesting that CCC are now contemplating asking our councillors to decide whether or not filming will be allowed in the council chamber. It is not for councillors to decide whether or not they wish to be filmed, it is for the councillors to carry out the wishes of their constituents. Given that my own councillor was afraid to ask for plans to be called in, on our behalf, for fear of 'upsetting the planning officer', - with another councillor living close by to us who blatantly lied on another matter in order to curry favour - are we really to believe that councillors are equipped with the capabilities and calibre required of their position, on deciding such matters within a council that is so obviously controlled under Mark James Ltd.

Anonymous said...

Carmarthenshire council bring shame again to the welsh people by allowing planing persmission to go a head for further building in a puppy farm.Dogs are tread and bred from in appalling matters and they agree to this. Im disguested and a meeting is taking place on Thursday 18th Aug to clear this completly. A number of ppl will attend to protest. A petition has been set up. Wales used to be such a beautiful country yet councils like this are so for bringing shame on you!!