Friday, 16 December 2011

Mercy Me!

It was drawn to my attention this morning that the Towy Community Church has an article on it's website to enlighten it's followers of the 'real truth' behind the 'Misleading news story' which featured in a south Wales newspaper (They are referring to the Western Mail article I assume). According to the Church's article 'one individual' disagreed with the council's decision to spend so much cash on an organisation which had professed links to the Mercy Ministries. Actually I can count more than one individual. And it was not just the issue of the Mercy Ministries either.

Y Cneifiwr has responded fully to the inaccuracies within the church's article here; Please have a read.

You may also recall that a representative of the Evangelical Alliance, (who is also, I believe on the TCC management board) left a rather sinister comment on a recent post of mine ; Y Cneifiwr again responded . Strangely, none of the organisations involved have felt the need to 'correct' nor mention the article in Private Eye.

The last paragraph of the Church's article mentions that the have a 'very good working relationship' with their funders, including cash-strapped Carmarthenshire Council (£1.4m and 'flexible' planning permission). Neither is the bank loan secured on the non-existent fixtures and fittings of the bowling alley as stated by Mark Bennett, the Pastor, in his email (to which Y Cneifiwr refers), it's secured on the lease from the council.


Mr Mustard said...

If copies of the Private Eye article were to appear on local lampposts would that be a miracle?

Anonymous said...

as well as reading 'the real truth' behind the misleading news story I had a look at the foodbank blurb and it brought to mind the 'rice christians ' in 19th century India who came to mission stations simply for food. 'Rice christian' became a derogatory term for those driven to accept christianity out of hunger rather than genuine conviction. I wonder what the Carmarthen equivalent might be ?