Sunday 3 June 2012

'Democracy in Action' Photo Competition

The National Assembly for Wales has launched a photo competition called 'Democracy in Action', the details of how to enter can be found here.
It will be interesting to see how diversely the theme is interpreted.

Personally, I think this one sums up the situation in this neck of the woods, I hope @AlexMurraySmith sends it in;


Anonymous said...

I have seen the photo many times on your blog but I have never actually "looked at it" if you know what I mean.

Didnt realise that you actually had handcuffs on ! - what did they think you were going to do ?

The ginger on the left looks a bit angry - the ginger in the middle looks a bit bemused and the blonde on the right looks a bit bewildered !!

Was this Dyfed Powys Police finest hour ? I bet they felt really stupid afterwards.

mark1971 said...

Out of interest, what was the outcome did you ever complain to the police ?

caebrwyn said...

no, but it's complicated. Civil case with Council ongoing and sub judice.

Anonymous said...

If @AlexMurraySmith doesn’t want to send it in, will he give you permission to send it in? It would be a shame for a photo so accurately depicting “Democracy in Carmarthenshire” not to be included in the competition.