Thursday 28 June 2012

Settling back in the Shadows - Updated

Next week's Executive Board meeting will see the Council's Business Management Group re-formed under the 'new' administration (see In the shadows of County Hall). It will continues with the same old collection of party elite, but as usual there will be no place for any unaffiliated members (unless 'affiliated' to the Indie Group of course). This is the group which doesn't appear on the 'Decision Making Structure' of the council and doesn't publish an Agenda or Minutes. The only evidence you will see as to it's existence is when something appears on the Executive Board agenda 'as recommended by the Business Management Group' and duly rubber stamped. Led by the Chief Executive and one of his two Assistant Chief Executives, the remit is suitably vague as to be able to discuss and 'recommend' virtually any aspect of council business with very limited consultation. It's purpose is "To review and consider amendments to the Council's Constitution and other modernising issues and housekeeping matters" Perhaps the 'housekeeping matters' will include sending Pam Palmer out for twenty Bensons and a pint of milk whilst Mr James gets on with the ironing. Who can say.

Also suitably vague is the first post-election exempt report for the Executive Board, (no press or public will be allowed) the agenda lists it as 'Development at land at Trostre'. One can only speculate as to what this might be - another national retailer enjoying an attractive incentive to set up an out-of-town superstore? Another stadium? We won't know until the deal is done of course.

Update; Meeting cancelled due to lack of interest business
Caebrwyn has noticed that things are very quiet down in County Hall at the moment, well for months really. For all we know, maybe the corridors of power are echoing to the screams of internal dissent and political anarchy but somehow I doubt it. I was surprised to notice that the next meeting of full council listed for the 11th July had been cancelled, I wondered why, as the next one isn't until September (there's never one in August) and surely there were many important decisions which by now, required the attention of an elected body - out of interest I emailed 'Democratic Services', here's the reply;

"The meeting has been cancelled because of the lack of business to be transacted. This may be due to the fact that the Authority took some time to form it's Administration. Any business received in the meantime will be referred to the Council's September meeting"

It's a bit worrying that out of thirty-odd new councillors and an opposition who a month ago were bemoaning the lack of democracy, no one took the opportunity to bring forward a few issues for debate, I can think of quite a few and I'm sure their constituents can as well.  


Cneifiwr said...

Potential developers may be interested to recall that Mr James recently claimed that land in that area had no value, which surely makes it unique among urban areas in Britain - or pretty much anywhere else!

Anonymous said...

'Development at land at Trostre'
Probably the sale of the building/land next to Kfc as the occupants are off to the east gate