Sunday, 30 September 2012

MP accuses Leader of making defamatory comments

Plaid Cymru Carmarthenshire have published the wording of the Motion being put forward to the next Council meeting. The meeting will be on the 10th October in County Hall and promises to be interesting, and it also sounds like the Public Gallery will be full.
With 28 Plaid Councillors, a couple unaligned and a few Labour rebels, Cllr Madge faces a grilling.

I wonder whether, like the rest of us, Jonathan Edwards will have to sign the undertaking before he's allowed in, and be escorted to the Public Galllery by the wardens?

Cllr Madge has a week now to apologise and retract his statements before he comes under the spotlight on the 10th October.

Watch this space.

The motion has been proposed by Plaid Councillor Darren Price, it is reproduced here along with the comment from Jonathan Edwards MP;

“It’s been two weeks since the blatantly political and factually incorrect press release from the County Council was issued and no apology or retraction has been forthcoming from the Council Leader.

“The Council Leader and his advisors should know that the decision to call-in planning applications rests squarely with the Welsh government. The Council itself passed on the applications to the Welsh government under the Shopping Directive legislation.

“To accuse our national Plaid Cymru politicians of trying to sabotage investment in the county and jeopardising additional employment is not only misleading but potentially libellous.

“We have firm evidence from the Welsh government itself to prove Councillor Madge’s comments untrue and we have tabled the council motion to provide the Leader with the opportunity to retract his disingenuous statement.”

Jonathan Edwards MP added:

“The use of taxpayer’s money for partisan political attacks which have no basis in fact has brought the local authority into disrepute.

“The political neutrality of staff has been compromised and the integrity of the Council’s Executive has completely diminished.

“On no less than three occasions has Councillor Kevin Madge made defamatory comments against me and my constituency colleague, Rhodri Glyn Thomas AM. I will be attending the public gallery for the debate and expect Councillor Madge to recognise his fictitious comments are not fitting of a local authority leader.”

(From Plaid Cymru Carmarthenshire)

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Anonymous said...

I wonder how long it will take Kevin Madge to realise that he is not the "first choice" of the powers that be in County Hall and that it may in some people's interest to actually land him in the proverbial! And then perhaps, when the labour councillors once more know their place, the fairy princess will return to rule her kingdom again?? What a fairy story!