Saturday, 22 September 2012

Wales Blog Awards

Congratulations to Owen Donovan, winner of the best political blog at the Wales Blog Awards on Thursday, you can read his fine blog, Oggy Bloggy Ogwr here. Myself and Y Cneifiwr were the other two finalists in the category and were most impressed with Owen's very gracious acceptance speech where it appears that the notoriety of Carmarthenshire County Council is spreading far and wide, there was a special mention of the peculiar funding of an evangelical bowling alley and the daily growth of their 'rap sheet'.

Well done Owen for recognition of his detailed and constructive writing. As Cneifiwr has said, all we could come up with in the post-Award analysis to improve Carmarthenshire Council involved barrels of gunpowder in the basement of County Hall, which is possibly illegal.

It was a good night though and thanks go to the organisers for raising the profile of the fantastic and very varied world of Welsh blogging yet again - hopefully it will help to inspire more people to take to their keyboards!


Owen said...

Thanks for this Jacqui.

Good luck to all the dissidents in the Democratic People's Republic of Carmarthenshire from Bridgend.

caebrwyn said...

Thanks Owen. We need it.