Friday 25 January 2013

Council leader - the knives are out...

Rumours have been reaching Caebrwyn this week that there may be elements amongst the Independents and possibly even in the Labour group that are not entirely satisfied with Cllr Kevin Madge's leadership. They are concerned, I hear, that he's perhaps not the most suitable choice as the 'Face of Carmarthenshire Council' ( I am choosing words carefully).

The recent defection by Cllr Teresa Bowen from Labour to Meryl and Pam's clutches Independent party (I use the word 'party' because it is) has left both the Independents and Labour groups with a delicate twenty two seats apiece.  An increasingly vocal Plaid are currently in opposition of course with twenty eight.

Rumour has it that the Independents are considering putting up a candidate for Leader, the current favourite  is apparently Meryl Gravell. Why not Pam I hear you ask, well according to sources she does not speak Welsh, a requirement for the job. You wonder whether this should have been a requirement to hold the portfolio of 'Communications' too perhaps. Another candidate could be Cllr Giles Morgan, instrumental apparently in enticing Cllr T Bowen into the fold, but his rebel vote against closing the care homes a couple of years ago will not be forgotten...

It is unlikely that such a wrangle would be held in public and would be left to the ruling group to sort out behind closed doors. Then again, the 'coalition', we were told last year, would be up for review after twelve months, and that time is coming up.

Clearly the Carmarthenshire coalition is shaky, and it looks like the knives are being drawn. Labour's Tegwen Devichand surprised everyone at the December meeting by suddenly announcing, despite no one mentioning it, that 'under no circumstances are we changing Kev as our Leader', which rather made everyone think they probably were.

Of course this is all deckchair arranging, pointless as far as I can see, and if Meryl becomes leader then we truly could have bypassed the May election altogether.
The real power, as I've said, doesn't rest with our elected members at all, and unfortunately, most of them are perfectly content for this arrangement to carry on - this is what needs to be addressed. 


Anonymous said...

This is awful, Plaid need to keep attacking this status quo.
The interest in leafleting Carmarthen residents may happen against the background of Council implosion.

Cneifiwr said...

Not speaking Welsh wasn't a hindrance to Kevin Madge. No, her biggest handicap is in the personality department.

As you no doubt also noticed, Meryl quietly removed herself to the backbenches despite holding a front bench job after the last elections - putting as much distance between herself and car-crash Kev as possible.

Anonymous said...

Don't you believe it... Pam Palmer has been seen measuring the curtains in the Leader's Office in County Hall. Labour Councillors are openly taking the mick out of Kevin's, shall we say, intellectual deficiencies.

The only thing holding Labour Councillors back is the absence of an alternative. Most look at the competent Colin Evans as an option but he is too close to Kev to instigate a coup.

The Llanelli Labour councillors - who are most keen to coup against Kev - are divided between Deryk Cundy (new boy, played a blinder over the care homes and is close to Nia Griffith MP) and the 'crank faction' who see Bill Thomas as the saviour!

I wouldn't bet on Kev bring Leader of CCC come the May AGM. Either Pam and the Independents get him or his own side get him. Kev could be doing a passable impression of Kenneth Williams in Carry On Cleo ("Infamy, infamy... they've all got it in for me!").

Carry on up the Council... Staring Meryl as Hattie Jacques ("Ohhh, Meryl, I mean, Matron"), Jim Jones as Charles Hawtrey, Mark "Sid" James (cue sinister chuckle) and Pam Palmer as Barbara Windsor!

Anonymous said...

Before the cllrs cast a vote, here is a reminder of what Meryl said about constituents and CCC employees who will never gorgive her. Just remember who voted you in and who has the power to vote you out come the next election.

Anonymous said...

I wish Meryl would show us the same courtesy and remove herself altogether. According to her, the public (including , children, grandmothers, healthworkers, patients, local assorted politicians, etc) are rabble and we (CCC staff) don't work hard.

This is not the leader we want or need!

Anonymous said...

The mention by Tegwen was because Darren price made told the labour group they should consider a new leader, Devichand told him that it was the groups decison who their leader was.

The posting about the labour group backing Derek Cundy or bill Thomas is way off. A naughty labour member obviously trying to stir a bit. Anthony jones is more of a threat and colin Evans is the most popular. Derek hasn't got the experience as has been quiet in the back benches.

Anonymous said...

Anthony Jones the master of the behind closed door brigade.
Heaven help us.
Beware of threat from that angle otherwise the word transparency will be as archaic as latin.
The present numpty is the least dangerous.