Saturday 27 April 2013

Recent statements regarding the libel judgement

In light of recent statements issued by the Chief Executive and also Carmarthenshire Council press office, including those made last week in the Western Mail, the monthly council staff newsletter 'Y Gair', and on Radio Carmarthenshire, I wish to reiterate the statement I made on the 15th March when the Judgement on the libel action was handed down.
I cannot comment further at the moment, other than to emphasise that preparations are underway to start the process of Appeal.

"I am absolutely devastated by this judgement and I believe it is a miscarriage of justice. I would never have embarked on fifteen months of litigation and endured a six day trial in the High Court if I had not felt entirely justified in my action.

I have always acted in good faith, my motives have always been honest and sincere and have merely criticised the council where I felt it appropriate, and have never had a complaint until the counter claim was issued...."

Full statement from 15th March here; Judgement on Libel Action - a brief statement


Anonymous said...

That is so good to hear.I think that is the news many people were hoping to hear and it is fully justified.

Anonymous said...

Hear, hear anon 23:27.

sospan123 said...

This is the best news i have heard every day i pray to win the lottery so i can give you a few million to fight this awfull decision and help anyone else who are fighting for Jo public.
I wish you every success and hope justice will prevail and look forward to the day when i visit this blog site and you will have won