Wednesday 17 July 2013

Mercy Ministry - Questions need to be asked

Further to my previous post, Mercy Ministry coming to Carmarthen and thanks to a commenter on Cneifiwr's blog, we now learn that the partnership between the Towy Community Church and the Council also extends to a 'Team Around the Family' initiative set up last year with this fundamentalist evangelical church named as an agency engaged by the council to provide support to vulnerable children and families. 

Perhaps we could have some reassurance from councillors that they will now be asking some serious questions over this whole matter. Given the church's stated intention of establishing a Mercy Ministry, and the council's intention of providing 'alternative ways of delivering services', we hope they're not planning on sending our vulnerable and troubled young girls there to be cleansed of sin and reborn.

“It is important that the position of the council as a secular institution is preserved.”

This is a quote from Carmarthenshire County Council in a report by 'Christians in Parliament' June 2013 when local authorities were asked for their views on working with faith groups in the community. Somehow or other, it seems a little disingenuous.


Anonymous said...

Guess this means young carers and the like! Vulnerable children and families do not need this at all!! Councillors... You have an awful lot to answer to!!! Heads must roll!

Anonymous said...

Between Caebrwyn and Cyneifiwr surely Carmarthen councillors have had the message spelled out loud and clear.The problem is there is safety in numbers and councillors who supported this abominable cult
feel protected as part of a group.
If ward members spoke out strongly to their own councillors perhaps it would set the ball rolling to wipe out what surely be a disater waiting to happen.
One might be of the opinion that they would never be affected or would have no contact with TCC but
no one knows what the future holds.
By the time one is affected it could be too late especially for the younger generation.
Do your duty councillors and stop this shameful and sinister development before it really is too late.

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 17:48 - It means all young people that Social Services have a legal duty to safeguard e.g. children in need, disabled, care leavers, young and single homeless, etc. Yes, heads now need to roll from the top down!

@ Anon 20:37 - I agree. Given the amount of publicity e.g. BBC News, Unison, Bloggers, Plaid MP, AM, Jo Public etc, warning them about this cult, they cannot now plead ignorance. Those responsible for promoting and funding TCC need to be named, shamed and held to account.