Friday, 23 August 2013

Carmarthenshire Council - Mrs Angry's post

Please click on the link below and go and have a read of Mrs Angry's post, published today about Carmarthenshire Council, the issue of transparency and also the Towy Community Church. Mrs Angry is, of course the author of the most excellent Broken Barnet blog;

#Daftarrest: new developments, as the Welsh blogger story continues

Update 24th Aug; Carmarthenshire County Councillor Sian Caiach has left a comment on Mrs Angry's post...have a read.

(Previously on this blog, 22nd August; 'Eric Pickles 'abuse of state powers as councils threaten bloggers with arrest'


Anonymous said...

Same Comment as previously -Wales is a devolved government and does not have to listen to Mr Pickles or the rest of English Colonial Policy. Mrs Angry should keep her opinions about Wales to herself - We are a devolved government , and we should follow our own laws . If you were to emigrate to Tuscany you would not expect Mr Pickles to have the demerity to comment on laws

Anonymous said...

A most definite read!!!!!!!

caebrwyn said...

So anon 22.54, what is the problem exactly? You'd prefer less transparency? Members of the public, in Wales, should be kept in the dark? People who live in Wales shouldn't comment on English government policy? Because that works both ways. The principles of open local government have nothing to do with boundaries or party politics, it is for your benefit, as a resident, elector and council taxpayer of the UK. Would you like Wales to be exempt from the Freedom of Information Act because it wasn't formulated in the Senedd?

What I found quite staggering in the Welsh Government response to Eric Pickles was that despite the strength of the language and the claim to represent the Welsh Government itself, whoever it was remained anonymous. If you're going to speak on behalf of an entire nation then at least put your name to it.

Anonymous said...

Anon 22.54

Thank goodness most people do not have your mindset.
The world is a small place and what happens in every corner of our globe, when serious failings affect innocent peoples lives, it is everyones business. As for WAG they are selective in their so-called devolvement issues. Eric Pickles has the guts to speak up, unlike most of those in WAG, which is Wales biggest problem, which becomes the Welsh peoples problem when they don't have a Government that Govern.

Anonymous said...

Open Government is desirable and Wales should offer this option through County , Assembly meetings but why should Mr Pickles dictate to us - we are a devolved separate administration and we run our affairs separably and different to England.

I think people involve themselves too much in other countries affairs . I as a Welsh Man , born in Wales Speak Welsh I do not care what happens in Syria, Libya , or Afghanistan or any other country than Wales and therefore I would expect them to get involved in my affairs

Anonymous said...

Anon 23.48

Astounding! You'd better hope then that the problems taking place in those countries you mention never encroach or impact in any way upon you in Wales!

Anonymous said...

Anon 23:48 - "I do not care what happens in Syria, Libya , or Afghanistan ..." Is that your message to the Welsh families who have lost their loved ones in Afghanistan or the Welsh troops who are there now? What an ignorant, unsympathetic, horrendous person you are!

As for your statement, "I think people involve themselves too much in other countries affairs." If you feel that strongly then take it up with Carwyn Jones who has stated that he wants a United State of Britain and goes on to say, “The reality is that devolution does affect the whole of the UK. Wales has a voice and has a view.”