Friday, 30 August 2013

Eric v Lesley, Round 3...and a visit to Carmarthenshire

After the most recent criticism from Eric Pickles towards the Welsh Government's complacency regarding filming council meetings etc, I wrote a brief email to the Welsh Minister for Local Government, Lesley Griffiths (Lab). I asked what further steps would be taken to address these issues. I acknowledged the fact that the Welsh Government had provided funding for webcasting but felt the principle of public filming/recording should be established. The usual. I haven't had a response yet.

Judging by Ms Griffiths Twitter feed, the timing of my email coincided with her Ministerial visit to Carmarthenshire Council, to be dazzled by the best council in Wales no doubt. Maybe Ms Griffiths decided that, given the anonymous name-calling towards Mr Pickles ('Obsessive Eric') which appeared to come from her office, some damage limitation PR was in order. Maybe she took the opportunity to seek divine guidance from our very own County Hall during lunch...who knows.

Anyway, the BBC reports today (30th August) that "All Welsh councils have been urged to consider allowing filming and blogging from their meetings". So, in reality, we're no further than Carl Sargeant's 'encouragement' or even Mr Pickles 'guidance' for that matter.

Ms Griffiths adds (my underlining);

"There is no legislative barrier to councillors or the public using social media or filming during council meetings.

"Allowing filming and blogging is a matter for each local authority to decide for itself but I urge all councils to give this matter serious consideration."

Lets hope they do give it serious consideration, but of course the proof will be in the pudding the next time someone gets out their mobile phone and starts filming a meeting....

Just a reminder I also have a dedicated FaceBook page to monitor progress and track campaigns - Filming council meetings Wales 

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Anonymous said...

Ms Griffiths, as you have so rightly stated, "There is no legislative barrier to councillors or the public using social media or filming during council meetings" therefore please promote the rights of the public who you represent!