Friday 13 December 2013

Libel case - Permission to Appeal hearing

As I have previously stated, I have been granted permission to appeal on one ground relating to Chief Executive Mark James’ counterclaim.

My legal team filed a request with the Court of Appeal for an oral hearing at which I will renew my application for permission on other grounds relating to both my claim and the counterclaim.

This hearing will be at 10.30 on Monday, 16th December at the Court of Appeal, London.

Mr William McCormick QC will appear on my behalf.

Many thanks, as ever, to all those who have continued to support me.


Anonymous said...

Yes Jaqui everyone who has supported you in the past, contributed to your blog and truly understands your aims
for transparency in local government will be thinking of you on the 16th.Very Good luck.

towy71 said...

Best of luck Jacqui, I do hope that the right outcome is arrived at

Patricia B. said...

Good luck Jacqui - you deserve it.

Sliverback said...

Best of luck!!

Anonymous said...

Best wishes for tomorrow Jacqui!
I am confident that this time around common sense and justice will prevail.

Andy said...

All the best, hope it goes well.