Monday 23 December 2013

Unlawful payments - Auditor's report 'mid January'

The South Wales Guardian reports today that the long awaited Auditor's Public Interest Report concerning the two unlawful payments; the pension payment and the libel indemnity relating to Carmarthenshire council's Chief Executive, Mark James, will be published, it seems, in 'mid-January'. Which means of course there will be no debate at the January full council meeting. It could possibly be discussed at the council meeting on February 12th;

Auditor to report on Carmarthenshire county council transactions 'in mid-January'


Anonymous said...

@WAO ... Enough already! Just get on with it and take them to court.

Anonymous said...

It seems it will be a "public interest" report rather than just a general one which may not auger well for the council.