Friday 6 June 2014

News in Brief

Carmarthenshire Council's planning committee found its way into the national press (Independent) the other day as they approved a 45m wind turbine on farmland across the water from Dylan Thomas' boathouse.

Officers had recommended refusal as, basically, it would spoil the view, and in addition I hear that a certain Executive Board Member had been deploying her (usually) persuasive charms in plenty of time for the meeting. There were also numerous objections, but it was all to no avail and failed to sway the committee. The decision will come back to the committee after a couple of weeks 'cooling off period' for the reasons for approval to be ratified.

The planning committee's reasoning has yet to be made clear but I'm guessing there must be urgent concern for the health of the planet....what else could it possibly be?

Kevin Madge's Executive Board 'hit the road' again on Monday and trundled off to the Aberduar Chapel Vestry in Llanybydder. This is Kev's idea of democratic public engagement but unfortunately Cllr Madge himself couldn't actually make the 30-odd mile round trip, neither could two other Exec Members.

However, the lack of elected representatives was more than made up by the attendance of no less than fifteen senior officials, including the chief executive, the deputy chief executive and the two assistant chief executives for the 25 minute meeting.
Let's hope the people of Llanybydder felt suitably 'engaged'. If they didn't, then the attendance of the press manager will, in due course, tell them that they were.

I'm sure everyone's aware of the interesting revelations concerning Wales' new UKIP MEP Nathan Gill. The story has now gone viral but all credit must go to blogger Jac o'the North for his original investigations.  


Anonymous said...

A message to the elusive spokesperson. If you truly believe what you are saying then stand by your convictions and put your name to your statement.

caebrwyn said...

Anon 18:09
Are you referring to the council 'insider' statement regarding the turbine? Or something else.

Anonymous said...

Every statement that CCC (public servants) make to the press and media caebrwyn! Why the need for anonymity?

caebrwyn said...

anon 12.12
Agreed. Hopefully the long awaited review of CCC press protocol will put an end to these anonymous statements, most recently of course in relation to the unlawful payments and associated shameful behaviour.