Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Enforcement of counterclaim damages

I was served Notice yesterday that Carmarthenshire Council chief executive, Mark James, has started High Court enforcement proceedings against me for his damages arising from the libel counterclaim.

He is attempting to put a legal charge on our home.

The public funding of Mr James' counterclaim was deemed unlawful by the Appointed Auditor; and the First Minister of Wales stated; " terms of the situation in Carmarthenshire, we as a Government have said that it is not right to provide any sort of indemnity in terms of what has happened there"

August 1st - Further notification of Mr James' intentions, as above, received from Land Registry

August 8th - See later blog post for link to article in Western Mail


Anonymous said...

And how do we the public go about enforcing these unlawful pension and indemnity payments?

Anonymous said...

As the indemnity was unlawful Mark James should first and foremost be repaying the funds he took out of the taxpayers purse, not attempting to rob you of your home. Isn't he a Christian. I wonder what his brethren will think of him now. He is disgraceful. Do remind us of his earnings per year!!

We too have been put in financial difficulties where our home is concerned. Who by - Carmarthen Council. Why - dishonesty. How many others. Perhaps Mr. James would like our home too.

Redhead said...

Might is right it seems - so sorry Jacquie - but it is exactly as one would expect from this man.

Anonymous said...

I think that anyone who has followed your case Jaqui, knows who has the moral high ground.
The councillors responsible together with the chief executive and legal services have no conscience and are totally oblivious to the disgraceful
situation they have personally created.

Blodwen said...

I am appalled - but not surprised, given what sort of person this man is. So much for being a Christian!

The other comments on this blog say what the majority of people who have been following this case think. How do we reclaim the unlawful indemnity costs and why is a man who is already earning so much pursuing you so relentlessly? He and his sheep-like councillors should be ashamed.

Anonymous said...

This man is so disgraceful, words cannot cover it. Let us all remember how all this began. He, Mark James, was the person who wrote derogatory comments on a blog. He decided to do that. What on earth did you Jacquie, write on your blog that was so abhorrent that Mark James believes justifies him robbing you of your home.
I've been reading your blog since it's inception, and I haven't read anything that was a. not true or b. so offensive that Mark James's sensitivity had to be aired in the High Court. By the very nature of his job (civil servant) 'he is big enough (well he is short)but you get my drift - and ugly enough' (as the saying goes) to shoulder any criticism that comes his way. If M.Ps or A.Ms took matters to court every time someone uttered any form of criticism there wouldn't be enough money in the coffers nor time left for governing.

Redhead said...

Perhaps a group of Carmarthen people should issue a private prosecution ro recoup the unlawful payments either from the CEO or the council an, if successful, donate it to Jacquie. The Labour Party would be a good start .....

Anonymous said...

I understand that a ? still hangs over the indemnity granted to Mark James.I understand too that it was Mark James and his band of merry men
(and women} who did not have to pursue you all the way to the high court and it could have been settled amicably.

Anonymous said...

The last webcast of the council meeting showed total transparency in the way that Carmarthen Council heed the comments of the First Minister and his colleagues.Total double standards and complete disregard to any criticism of it's actions. The members of the WLGA must surely have been impressed by all that they have seen over the last few weeks. If these actions do not form a major part of their report then there is no justice.

Anonymous said...

I presume if Land Registry are involved he has had a caveat or charge put on your home. Such a Christian spirited thing to do! How does he sleep at night? But then those who have no conscience have no problem with that do they?

£250.000 approximately per year - I believe he earns - shameful. Meryl is no better - she after all believes officers must be protected.

Anonymous said...

The sin is that it could have been avoided.It is a deliberate and vindictive act by someone earning the kind of salary he does.
The chief executive was hell- bent on pursuing you come what may.
So much for the prayer at the start of council meetings.

Anonymous said...

Did he not state that any money he recovered by way of damages would be passed to the council?

After all, it was the council that indemnified him and without that he would have nothing. Unless, of course, he was willing to take that financial risk himself. Which I doubt. After all, why do that when you have access to much larger funds at no risk.

I note this has not been in the newspapers, perhaps it should. People need to know what sort of characters are running their council. Many have an idea, but some solid facts wont go amiss.

An earlier poster suggested a petition. Why not a petition to raise the funds from donations? It would show the council where loyalties stand. Sadly I'm not sure it would reach the figure required, but worth a go.

Alternatively, the petition similar to that in Pembrokeshire could be a better idea. A vote of no confidence by those this guy represents is a louder voice than those who protect him.

It certainly seems his days are numbered following all the recent bad press. And given the recent cost savings announced I would be surprised to see him in place much longer.

After all, isn't his role one that can be a job share? So remove mr james and share that role between 2 exec officers and save £250k in the process.


Redhead said...

Why not instead a petition to replace the CEO and the Leader with an elected Mayor, where anyone can stand for the job? In England this needs 5% of the people on the electoral roll to sign within 8 weeks and if more than 50% want it there must be an election.

Get rid of James and Madge together ....

Redhead said...

How about someone putting a charge in Mr (and Mrs) James's house to recoup the money given to him illegally by the council (and passed swiftly, it seems, from Mr to Mrs).

We could not, of course, expect the Leader or Deputy Leader to do this but thr Responsible Financial Officer would be the right person.

Anonymous said...

Rumour has it that mark james is moving on to another job.

The cynic in me suggests this is a faît accompli, i.e., job secured so one last parting shot at the one person he hates most.

If there is any justice in the world he will have tendered his resignation and the company he is heading to will find out all about him and his underhand tactics and withdraw their offer.

It doesn't take much to search for him on the internet, but perhaps now a concerted effort should be made to ensure as much about him reaches the wider press as possible Starting perhaps with a follow up on these latest developments to the Times journalist that wrote the first article.

Maybe then napoleon can join the ranks of the mass unemployed. AT least he will then have the time to reflect and enjoy his ill-gotten gains.

caebrwyn said...

Thanks for all the comments and messages of support.
There is a court hearing in London on the 30th September over the charge.
And just to clarify any confusion, this money, which is over £30k, is not for Mr James to repay the unlawful indemnity he received, it is for himself.

caebrwyn said...

Later blog post, August 8th, has link to Western Mail article, which includes details of the costs.

Anonymous said...

The man needs to go. Plain and simple and without delay.

Recent events in Pembroke should be repeated in Carmarthenshire. Someone previously has mentioned this and I feel its a good idea.

There is much animosity and anger for james within this county, councillors are well aware, so it wouldn't take much to create a campaign of no confidence. Use the time now, while he's away, to ensure maximum impact for his return.

We cannot have such a vindictive , arrogant and self centered in such a position, supposedly serving us, the public.

It is time for mark james to be dismissed. He is not deserving of public office.