Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Police back in Pembrokeshire Council

Interesting news from the Pembrokeshire press this evening that Gloucestershire Police are conducting a criminal investigating after new evidence emerged over the unlawful pension payments, paid to chief executive Bryn Parry Jones and another unnamed officer.

It seems that a whistleblower contacted the Labour leader, Cllr Paul Miller with an allegation that it was not the Director of Finance and Head of HR who wrote the original report to the senior staff committee as claimed, but Bryn Parry-Jones himself. Cllr Miller reported the matter to the police on July 9th and today they issued this statement;

"Following receipt of new information relating to Pembrokeshire County Council and the Public Interest report published by the Wales Audit Office early this year, Dyfed-Powys Police and Gloucestershire Constabulary have now fully considered this and as a result have decided the new information specifically should be investigated further by the police".

Hopefully it will be more thorough than the last time.

Cllr Miller has today (Wed) called for Bryn Parry-Jones' immediate suspension.

Pembrokeshire Herald
Western Telegraph

There is also email evidence that Carmarthenshire's Chief Executive Mark James discussed, amended and approved the report recommending the libel counterclaim, with head of legal, Linda Rees Jones three days before it was presented to the Executive Board in January 2012. Maybe someone will have a look at that one day.


23rd July - The BBC has now reported on events in Pembrokeshire.

In unrelated news, the South Wales Argus reports that Chris Burns, one of the two Assistant CEOs at Carmarthenshire Council has become the new interim chief executive of Caerphilly Council. He always had a cheery smile for Caebrwyn, as long as no one was looking of course....


Anonymous said...

Of course Mark James'involvement in the libel indemnity case should be looked at.Oh I forgot they have looked at it and now in Kev's words must "move on".What a shower they are in Carmarthen!!!!

caebrwyn said...

Anon 16:48
I'm not sure what they did look at. Gloucestershire police informed me that they neither spoke to, nor corresponded with, anyone at Carmarthenshire Council. Whether or not they're aware of the email I've referred to in my post, time will tell.

Anonymous said...

Caebrwyn, the report recommending the libel indemnity says it was authored by the director of resources and the head of law, so what was Mark James doing anywhere near it, let alone approving it??