Sunday 19 October 2014

Cllr Caiach reflects - A link to her blog

Carmarthenshire Councillors, on the whole, remain a tight lipped bunch, and for some it's probably best they stay that way. There are a few exceptions but even then, even less are prepared to publish their thoughts and reflections to the big wide world.

The one exception is Cllr Sian Caiach and those of you who have watched the webcast meetings over the past year or so will have noticed that she is very often the only councillor to stick her head over the parapet and say how it is, or at least try her level best to. In the past Mr James has restricted her right to information for 'asking too many questions' and his attempt to report her to the Ombudsman failed miserably.

Cllr Caiach has today published her thoughts on the legacy of Mark James and the future of the council in the hands of those equally responsible for the damage.
The whole post, How to play the end game? can be read on her website.
Here are a couple of extracts;

"....I have asked for clarification on many of the council’s dubious decisions before, and have received nothing but evasive answers at best. I have brought concerns from my constituents before them in council meetings and have been shut down repeatedly, sometimes by grown men screaming at me to be silent...."

"....We may never know the complete truth. Mark is not being asked to give back the unlawful payments or even his CBE. His tenure may well be remembered by us as a time of loss. We lost more money than most of us will ever possess in our lifetimes, the well being and quality of life of countless local people was reduced. 

We also lost the integrity and dignity of one Welsh council."


For those of you who haven't signed the petition yet and wish to do so, it can be found here;

My previous post, 'Petition - Mark James' severance deal' also provides a link.

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