Monday 20 October 2014

Planning Committee to be webcast - updated

Update 30th October - The agenda for the Planning Committee on the 6th November has been published and can be found here.
The webcast page is listing the meeting for live stream here.


After the executive board hinted at the possibility around six months ago, it seems that finally Carmarthenshire Council's Planning Committee will be webcast from the 6th November onwards.
This is good news of course, now only exec board, scrutiny, democratic services etc to go.

Even better would be for the council to adopt Pembrokeshire Council's recent move (no, I don't mean give the chief exec a golden handshake) to allow the public to film all open meetings.

Here's me in March 2011 trying to film a Planning Committee meeting and being told by the Council's senior solicitor that it 'clearly stated' in the Standing Orders that filming was not allowed. The Standing Orders 'clearly stated' no such thing of course, and still don't. As you may remember, in June 2011 I made a further stand and was arrested.

March 31st 2011;


Anonymous said...

a idea has been voiced to voice record all scrutiny meetings cheaper option than filming and allows different rooms other than the main chamber A step in the right direction

caebrwyn said...

@anon 20:19
Good, and better than nothing. At least then a true record of everything that is said would be available.