Friday 10 April 2015

The Candidates - Carmarthen East and Dinefwr, and Llanelli

The official lists have now been published and first up is Carmarthen East and Dinefwr;

In alphabetical order;

Jonathan Edwards, Plaid Cymru
Calum Higgins, Welsh Labour
Sara Lloyd Williams, Welsh Liberal Democrats,
Matthew Paul, Welsh Conservatives
Ben Rice, Wales Green Party
Norma Woodward, UKIP

Labour is hoping to win this seat from Plaid Cymru. This is Caebrwyn's constituency and, having talked to locals, and despite this being a Westminster election, the track record of the Labour administration at Carmarthenshire Council, including the unlawful payment scandals, and the aftermath, is far from forgotten.

Jonathan Edwards has the distinct advantage of a track record of opposition to the nonsense at County Hall, and not just at election time. Cllr Calum Higgins has the distinct disadvantage of being forever associated with his group leader, Kevin Madge and has nodded through, approvingly, the relentless massage of the chief executive's ego
His attempt to gain votes by opposing a massive pay-off for Mr James earlier this year was greeted with the scepticism it deserved. It was also Mr Edwards, not Mr Higgins who felt that police intervention was required after the WAO report were published.

It also looks like UKIP's Norma made it on to the list, despite alleged 'financial irregularities' and 'inappropriate comments'.

The voters of Carms East and Dinefwr will of course be looking at the wider picture as well as local issues. I remain unaffiliated to any political party, and can only confirm that I most definitely will not be voting for Norma.


Sian Caiach, People First
Nia Griffith, Labour
Scott Jones, Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition
Cen Phillips, Welsh Liberal Democrat
Ken Rees, UKIP
Selaine Saxby, Welsh Conservatives
Guy Smith, Wales Green Party,
Vaughan Williams, Plaid Cymru

It probably goes without saying, and should come as no surprise to regular readers of this blog that my vote, if I lived in Llanelli, would undoubtedly go to County Councillor, Dr Sian Caiach. If anyone has a track record of fighting for her constituents; trying to root out injustice and prise open the County Hall can of worms, it's Cllr Caiach. After the training ground she's had in County Hall, tackling Westminster would be a doddle.

The constituency has been represented by Labour for 93 years, most recently by Nia Griffith. Plaid have high hopes of knocking Labour off their perch with their candidate Vaughan Williams who, if nothing else, is relentlessly enthusiastic on Twitter.

The Tories, in both constituencies have never done very well, their appeal largely limited to the huntin' and shooting' brigade. I doubt if this election will be any different and Ms Saxby is clearly not expecting great things with her address firmly remaining in Wiltshire.

Mr Rees, the UKIP man was formerly a Libdem councillor who, shortly after being elected in 2008 jumped ship and joined forces with Pam Palmer's Independents. He lost his seat in 2012. Clearly, he's now hoping UKIP will take him to the giddy heights that neither the Libdems, or perhaps Pam, ever could...

I don't intent to ramble on, there's plenty of that everywhere else, and with three and a half weeks still to go, election fatigue could well become a more significant problem than voter apathy!


For those of you who just can't get enough of it all, or wish to pose a question to your prospective representative, here's a list of the candidates that I can find on Twitter, in the same order as they appear above. UKIP are missing..and can remain so. Scott Jones from TUSC has a Facebook page but for the purposes of this post, I'm limiting the list to Twitter;

Carms E and Dinefwr;




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