Friday 13 November 2015

Petition; Abolish Council Prayers

I have mentioned the subject of council prayers several times on this blog and the issue has been the subject of some debate and controversy across the UK. I am now petitioning the Leader, and the Chair, of Carmarthenshire Council to cease the practice at meetings of full council.

If you agree with this petition statement below, please click HERE to sign.

"Prayers are held at the start of every full council meeting of Carmarthenshire County Council. This is not listed as an agenda item. I do not believe that prayers, from any religion, are appropriate in the setting of a supposedly secular democratic institution.  
Visitors to the Chamber, perhaps members of the public present to pose a question, have no warning that a prayer will take place. Councillors who do not wish to take part in prayer have to remain at the back of the Chamber giving the appearance of being late. If Councillors wish to pray, this should be done prior to the meeting in a separate location. 
I believe that the expression of religious belief in a secular setting is inappropriate, divisive and challenges equalities legislation. 
I call upon the Leader, and the Chair of Carmarthenshire County Council to cease prayers and religious observance at full council meetings."

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