Monday 12 September 2016

Cilycwm by-election - Election statements

Sunday 18th September - just a reminder to voters, the by-election is on Thursday (22nd September), the polling stations are open from 7am until 10pm, the count will be in Llanwrda Village Hall and the result will be declared that night. Please #votejacqui!

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With ten days to go until polling day here in the Cilycwm ward, election statements from myself and county councillor Sian Caiach are published below. The ward covers the communities of Llanwrda, Llansadwrn, Cilycwm, Siloh, Porthyrhyd, parts of Llandadog and Rhandirmwyn, and everywhere in between.
The count will be held at Llanwrda Village Hall on the 22nd September and with no less than seven candidates, it promises to be an interesting night.

Statement from County councillor Sian Caiach;
"Carmarthenshire County Council desperately needs new Councillors like Jacqui Thompson who represent the people rather than themselves or party interests. This Council has been shamed by Jacqui, as she has exposed waste,secrecy, paranoia and wrong doing in this body. Her efforts have been rewarded by the respect of many outside the Council but hostility and persecution by all of the 3 party political groups within Carmarthenshire council, Plaid, Labour and the Affiliated Independents.

They have all condemned her for her criticism as they have all been involved at one time or another in the unpopular and questionable decisions and service cuts which hurt the public but leave the local wealthy and political elites without inconvenience and sometimes personally enriched.

We need people like Jacqui, fearless champions  of ordinary folk, willing to speak out and not allow local issues to be dictated by the wealthy and powerful. The people must take back control from these nodding donkey Councillors who seem to care far too little for the people who elect them and far too much for the rich and powerful.

People First/Gwerin Gyntaf was formed  in Carmarthenshire in response to the lack of accountability, openness, integrity and honesty in the County Council. We believe in true representative democracy where the people are consulted and control their representatives, rather than Councillors making important decisions without a thought to the people affected. Jacqui will certainly put in the time and effort to help change this Council for the better. We are very proud to support her."

Statement from me, Jacqui Thompson
"I am delighted to be a candidate and to have the chance to represent all the communities within the Cilycwm ward. There is no doubt that this ward has had a raw deal from the County Council, from closing the last primary schools this year, to closing the local secondary school last year. If elected I would ensure that we have our fair share of money and resources, I won't sit back and watch it being funneled into white elephants and vanity projects at the expense of our essential local amenities and those most in need.

I'd be a wake up call to the county council, my reputation proves that I will not be silenced, and will make sure that all the interests and concerns of this entire community, are heard, with passion, very loud and clear!"

This week's article in the Carmarthen Journal

A question time event has been arranged for this Wednesday, 14th September at Llanwrda Village Hall, starting at 6pm. I understand that all the candidates will be attending.

Update 15th September; Five out of the seven candidates attended the hustings, an Independent and the Plaid Cymru candidate did not. There was a good turn out, good questions and plenty of discussion. It's heartening to see that this by-election has prompted considerable local interest which bodes well for a big change across the county council next May.

Text from 2nd leaflet (16th September)
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Anonymous said...

Very well put by Cll. Caiach. Jacqui would make an excellent councillor and would certainly speak out for people in her ward and would most certainly not become one of the nodding donkeys. There are far too many of those.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately I live in Ffairfach, but if I lived in your ward I would definitely vote for you! Go Jacqui! Keeping my fingers crossed for you...

Anonymous said...

You are to be commended Jacqui for your determination in standing for election to a council which has treated you so shabbily.Everyone by now will have understood your reasons and would want to wish you well.

Shubham said...

Well said! A vote up from here.

Emlyn Uwch Cych said...

Pob hwyl, Jacqui. Mae dy angen di ar y Cyngor Sir.

Best wishes for the 22nd.

Martin Milan said...

Good luck tonight Jacqui...

caebrwyn said...

Thanks for all the support - just to say the election is tomorrow - Thursday 22nd September - polling stations at Llanwrda, Cilycwm and Llansadwrn are open from 7am until 10pm, followed by the result which will be declared at the Village hall, Llanwrda.

Lesley said...

Very best of luck tomorrow Jacqui.

Anonymous said...

Best of luck - how will the result be announced. Twitter or on your blog ?

caebrwyn said...

Anon 11:47 Thanks, I'm sure the result will be tweeted tonight. I'll also put the results on the blog, whatever happens!