Thursday 16 March 2017

Police update

Update 22nd April 2017: After five weeks I have now been informed that the police were unable to make a charging decision and are now preparing a file for the Crown Prosecution Service.

(To date, 10th May 2017, I have still not heard anything from either the police or the CPS regarding a decision)


Just to say that I was questioned by the police today following a complaint of harassment by Carmarthenshire council chief executive, Mark James relating to this blog. As I said here, I attended voluntarily.
I gave a brief prepared statement in my defence followed by no comment to all the questions.
I will be informed in the next week or so whether the matter will go to court or not.
I cannot comment further at the moment.

Next Thursday, the 23rd, the chief executive will be attempting to force sale of my home.


Martin Milan said...

Have you heard whether or not this is going to court yet?

caebrwyn said...

I haven't heard anything yet, still waiting to find out.

Mr Reasonable said...

I can't believe this will pass the public interest test even if it passes the evidential test. The fact that so much police time has been devoted to this is the real scandal here.