Saturday, 1 July 2017

Updated; Magistrates' Court date

Update 11th July; I was informed yesterday that the CPS have dropped the case against me. A Discontinuance Notice is on its way. More later.

Update 4th July; The hearing has been adjourned for a week and is now listed for Thursday 13th July at 10am

I would like to emphasise at this point that the case against me relates entirely to the blog and no other kind of activity.

* * *

I will be attending Llanelli Magistrates' Court next Thursday, 6th July at 10am for the first hearing (plea and case management) of the charge against me of alleged non-violent harassment of council chief executive Mark James, relating to this blog.

For a brief background and my view of the case please see my earlier post; police summons, or search this blog for previous posts.
The details of the allegations against me will become apparent in due course.

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caebrwyn said...

Thank you for all the messages and comments on this post but given the circumstances I've decided to hold off publishing them for the time being.

Yes, a very interesting article in today's Herald...