Thursday 9 November 2017

The Burn family and Natural (In)justice

I am publishing below a brief statement from Mr Robin Burn, in his own words, in relation to recent calls for 'natural justice'. This blog has reported several times, (most recently here) on the failure of the authorities, including the council which led to the desperate situation which Mr and Mrs Burn found themselves in, and the profound effects these failures had on their severely autistic daughter, Carina.
Last year, Carina's solicitor issued the following statement; “This was a horrific case and Carina and her family were let down by every authority that should have been helping them, with devastating consequences… the family did their best to raise their concerns through appropriate channels but it was only through legal proceedings that the police, local authority and a psychiatrist engaged by the local authority all finally admitted their catastrophic failures.”

As you can see below, the fight for a full investigation, and natural justice, continues to this day.

Natural (In)Justice 
The recent departure, allegedly by his own hand , of Carl Sargeant, has led to an outpouring of national displeasure into the handling of this affair by the leader of the Welsh Government. The cries of anger in the lack of natural justice, and calls for investigations are extremely loud. 
The lack of clarity into what were the allegations of his misdemeanours, apparently led to his own actions. 
What a difference to the situation faced by the Burn Family when on October 15th 2010, allegations were laid against the parents of Carina Burn for sexual assault against their disabled autistic. daughter. 
We were denied any explanation by Carmarthenshire County Council and Dyfed Powys Police until the end of October after we had been arrested for the alleged assault. 
There was no national outcry and we here parents who knew we had committed no such offence, were never given any support by anyone save for two brave County Councillors. 
There were no cries of natural justice not being applied, and still to this day both the Authority and the Police have denied the Burn Family a statutory Safeguarding Investigation into the conduct of the authority and the police. 
Natural Justice has never been applied in our case, unlike the vociferous requests for a government minister. 
This is the real injustice.    
Perhaps now is the time to reflect and improve attitudes and procedures as a result of these unfortunate incidences? 
Mr Robin Burn

Sian Caiach has supported the Burn family throughout and provides a detailed account of their ordeal at the hands of the authorities on her blog in three parts; here and here and most recently here. She names all those who should be held accountable for their actions.

Carina at home with her parents, November 2017


Alice Wonderland said...

As you and many others know there is also a disgraceful ongoing situation and case of Injustice here in RCT. I ceased blogging about it and other general issues in 2012. I ended up being hospitalised as a direct result of the sheer Hell being inflicted upon me and my family since 1998. Since this time things have got far worse, my loved ones have suffered great pain and distress sadly some are no longer with us and died broken by it. I have also suffered Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder directy related to the stress and ongoing attacks by specific individuals and disgusting Political people cross party and at all levels. The harmful mistreatment was knowingly and maliciously inflicted despite being fully aware at all material times of the risks involved. Meanwhile as in other cases and as in yours Jacqui as you know deliberate blind eyes, deaf ears and heads wedged firmly in sand dunes have continued to prevail. My health abd others as well as our lives have been destroyed by individuals who seek to run roughshod over laws, rights you name it. I thank you for following and supporting me as I have tried hard with you. This disgusting scandal with Carl Sergeant is a reflection of what many of the ordinary people are subjected to. Wars were fought and countless lives lost to prevent this shocking misconduct and worse. I have been distressed and deeply angered by current events. I have also taken matters to the Highest Level with firm requests for external Independent Inquiries to include not just Mr Sergeants case but the Public too. I cannot tell you how deep I feel the line must be drawn in this. I am happy to speak and be interviewed by anyone and I can only speak the truth. I feel I have been stuck in a nightmare fighting against similar issues, I am battle scarred and battle fatigued yet still the sneaky antics carry on. I can more than prove as can I am sure many others like me the truth and the facts. It is a miracle I am still here truly. I sit here day in day out wondering and fearing what next whilst those in positions of power and responsibility abuse their offices and abuse their Duties while turning their backs on things etc. WELL ENOUGH NOW THIS MUST STOP. BEFORE ANY MORE SUFFER. These creatures of the State irrespective of their politics must GO.
Thank you for allowing me a voice Jacqui. If anyone wishes to contact me please do. I make these statements in Utmost Good Faith Angela Richards Aberdare (former blogger of Malice in Blunderland RCTCBC and former Leader of Isitfair Wales campaign against Council Tax).

caebrwyn said...

Robin Burn has asked me to publish the following comment;

Mixed Messages from Leighton Andrews

As Leighton Andrews, a former Minister in Welsh Governments, has now called for a “probe” into the circumstances of the death of his “friend” and former colleague in Government, I am re-examining the correspondence that myself and former County Councillor Sian Caiach had with the then Minister of Public Services, between February and November 2015 as to the two faces exhibited by the Minister when in power and now relieved of his role by the electorate.

In an email dated February 5th 2015 I outlined the debacle created by Carmarthenshire County Council in its handling of the failed case they brought against us in October 2010, asking him to initiate an enquiry.

Later on February the 8th sent a similar veined email on the same subject.

On the 24th of February and later on the 4th of March, Leighton Andrews replied firstly to Councillor Caiach, and then to myself.

In both letters, the then Minister went to great lengths, to, in a nutshell, explain it was not his job to tell Carmarthenshire County Council what to do.

Using phraseology such as “I can assure you that I am committed to strengthen internal reviews as a route to improving services”, “Government recognises that strong local democracy is the foundation for delivering public service reform and improving local services”, “effective scrutiny is the key to good governance and accountability”. Finally, at the end of the communication to Cllr. Caiach, “It is the role of the council’s Monitoring Officer to deal with complaints of maladministration”.

Similarly, in his reply to myself, “It is the case that the Welsh Government will, in certain circumstances, intervene in a local authority to require it to improve service delivery and management. However, for that to happen we need clear and compelling evidence that the local authority is consistently failing to deliver across a whole service or all of its services, and that it cannot or will not rectify that itself”.

It is hypocritical of Leighton Andrews, on the one hand to consistently ignore pleas from the electorate when in Government to intervene in cases of maladministration, and then expect Government to take action in the case of failure on lack of natural justice when he is not.

Robin Burn

Alice Wonderland said...

Thank you for that update and information and more disgust on my part so he deserves an Oscar clearly along with Leanne Wood and Andrew RT Davies in our cases. So many similarities are now coming out in various cases and no doubt more to come. Lots of jigsaw piece slotting together too. Iime the Welsh Stables had a good clean out IMO all round. Shameless bunch of chancers make me sick.

caebrwyn said...

A further comment from Robin Burn;

Independent investigation re Carl Sargeant;

Now that the desired outcome, after I presume, much soul searching, with common sense prevailing, may I prevail on the friends of the recently departed and a great loss to his family, Carl Sergeant, to apply the same amount of common sense to request the same levels of natural justice to all of those who have been denied the same, by the perpetrators at all levels of Government in Wales.

Those in the corridors of power are aware of the myriad of unfortunates, across Wales, falling to the misdemeanours of those with the power and ability to mete out injustice.

It is incumbent on the leaders of government at all levels, to give the same levels of soul searching, to the less fortunate who do not have the same levels of opportunity and social standing to bring to the Leaders in national government attention, their grievances. Many of those injustices have plagued the lives ordinary for many years.

Anonymous said...

Well said Mr Burn. I was about to comment before I saw yours that everyone deserves natural justice whoever they are, but the ordinary person in the street does not have the same opportunity to apply the same pressure as a person who is in the limelight.

There must now be radical changes to ensure justice at all levels and no more cover ups.

Alice Wonderland said...

Well said Both. I apologise for my distressed outbursts. I spent the entire festive period as a voluntary patient in hospital again. I am not ashamed as it only helps to show how bad things can get for anyone in a nightmare situation there but for the grace goes anyone unfortunate enough to be stuck in such nightmares as these. I apologise one again for ranting I was so unwell and distressed.