Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Pantecelyn Closure Row Heats Up

It became very apparent on Moday night's meeting between parents and County Council education bosses that feelings are running high over the proposed closure of Pantecelyn school and the selected site for the new 'superschool' in Ffairfach. It also became apparent that Mr Sully (Director of Education) and Co were ill prepared for the questions, assuming, in true Carmarthenshire Council style that they could dictate rather than consult. I have mentioned many of the issues in previous posts, so please use the searchbox for background. The 'unsustainability' of the school, which was one of the main reasons for closure was blown away when it was admitted that Pantecelyn was already offering the necessary number of subjects required by the Welsh Assembly. It was also very concerning that the practicalities of running the interim arrangements until the new school is built hadn't been thought through and none of the officers had any idea how it would work. There were many issues raised by parents and prospective parents which went unanswered or were deliberately avoided and it will be interesting to see what happens at the 'community' consultation meeting on the 17th May.

I eventually noticed, towards the end of the long and heated meeting that the three local County Councillors, Ivor Jackson, Tom Theophilus and Huw Morgan, were actually there (talking amongst themselves for most of the time) they had not said a word and I took the opportunity to point this out - these parents expect these three to represent their views and raise their concerns, not only at the meetings such as this but in the chamber of County Hall, and are drawing handsome allowances for the priviledge - what a complete waste of money. Their silence remains as deafening as ever.
BBC; Carmarthenshire schools: Flood fears over Ffairfach site 


Marianne said...

A truthful recollection of the meeting. Parents appear to be allarmed, concerned and angry to say the least at what has been formatted into a booklet by CCC. CCC clearly were taken aback by the knowledge of indepth detail of many parents, to the point that CCC delegates became increasingly angry at times when confronted with the facts. More importantly pupils present at the meeting were able to voice their concerns about the proposed travelling times. Thank you Caebrwyn for another excellent review!

Dic Deryn said...

Let's hope that people in the Pantycelyn catchment area will remember the shabby treatment they have received from their councillors at the elections next year. Yet again so-called "Independent" councillors have betrayed the communities they were elected to represent. The sooner this bunch of funny handshake merchants are sent packing, the better.