Friday, 6 May 2011

Senedd 2011 Carmarthenshire Results

Local results for Carmarthenshire;
Plaid's Rhodri Glyn Thomas held on to Carmarthen East and Dinefwr with a reduced majority;
Plaid  12,501
Labour  8353
Conservative 5635
Lib Dem 1339

Carmarthen West and S Pembrokeshire was retained by Tory Angela Burns;
Conservative 10,095
Labour 8591
Plaid 8373
Lib Dem 1097

Llanelli had the most interesting result with Plaid' Helen Mary Jones losing her seat, after a recount, to Labour's Keith Davies by 80 votes. Mr Davies, who's in his 70's stated he would have expected more votes but apparently Labour voters 'don't go out in the rain'. Llanelli, what have you done? Well done to Sian Caiach (Llanelli First) for getting over 2000 votes, putting the Lib Dem into fourth place, I wonder how many of her votes came from disillusioned Plaid defectors? 
Labour 10,359
Plaid 10,279
Conservative 2880
Putting Llanelli First 2004 
Lib Dem 548

There will be endless analysis, comment etc as the rest of the results come in (including North Wales who rather spoilt the party be not counting until today) and the political make up of the Assembly is determined. One early casualty is Nick Bourne the Conservative leader who has lost his regional seat.

Update AV Referendum results:
Carms East & Dinefwr           Yes;  9447
                                             No;  18,243

Carms West & S Pembs       Yes; 8632
                                             No; 19197

Llanelli                                 Yes;   8643
                                            No;  17,003
Looks like the Noes have it.

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