Thursday 22 March 2012

Taro 9 - Delyth Jenkins and Carmarthenshire Council

Further to my post Well done Delyth Jenkins, and as promised, here's a link to Tuesday's broadcast of Taro 9 on BBC iPlayer, English subtitles are available.

It lasts about half an hour, if you've got time, please watch it. 

Update 23rd March; Thanks to @hyweltedwards on Twitter I am now aware of a current consultation by the Welsh Government which ends on the 30th May 2012;

'Making things better - Review of Social Services complaints - we are asking whether the existing complaints processes should be updated or amended to meet the needs of service users'
Link here

Pity they've used the phrase 'service users' but the more that respond the more likely something will be done. Worth a try anyhow. As for Carmarthenshire Council, it's going to take a bit more than a Welsh Government consultation to sort that lot out, a Public Inquiry would be a start.

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