Thursday 22 March 2012

Toilet Awards...

I am sure that, in desperation for some good news, Carmarthenshire Council will be flushed with pride to announce their recent success at the Loo of the Year Awards 2012. Nothing wrong with a clean loo I hear you say, and I couldn't agree more. Except these are not council toilets exactly but are supplied and maintained by a private company Danfo under contract with the council. Good for Danfo anyway. Of course it would be impossible to judge council toilets as they have been busy either closing or trying to offload them on to community councils, or anyone who will have them really. Tourists beware. (and sorry about the puns)

Today, the council's website quotes a delighted Director of Technical Services, fresh from the 2012 Awards;

These awards encourage the highest possible standards in all types of public toilets. This is the sixth year running we have been recognised in the Loo of the Year Awards which shows that not only is Danfo providing high quality facilities but maintaining them to extremely high standards.”
(Council website 22nd March 2012)

He must have a good memory because he said something remarkably similar in 2010;

(Council website 31st November 2010)


Cneifiwr said...

Carmarthenshire's Press Office.
Danfo's toilets.

Only one of these is full of crap, it seems.

Anonymous said...

Only the best from SirGar PR, it seems!