Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Meryl and the Election Bandwagon

With a spectacular piece of election bandwagon jumping, Council Leader Meryl Gravell has announced that if her administration returns to power (god forbid) they will pilot the webcasting of council meetings, I wonder how her buddy Cllr Pam Palmer and leader of the 'Independent group' is coping with the idea, she didn't even want audio recordings. Strangely, there was no mention of this on the agenda for the Exec Board meeting where Meryl made her announcement, perhaps it came under 'urgent election business', still, she slipped it in somehow. It would seem that webcasting, currently being looked at by a group of councillors (for nearly a year) has been deliberately postponed until after the election. Still, both the Lib Dems and Plaid have said similar and I am pleased it is still on the cards. There is a possibility, of course, that I myself might be there to put my two pennyworth in (have been very busy canvassing by the way), whatever happens I shall also be watching to see whether an attempt to ban filming by the public is quietly dropped in during the AGM constitution tweaking. Perhaps she might like to jump on another bandwagon and promise that her administration will reverse their other decision to fund the Chief Executive's libel case, which would possibly leave enough cash to pay for webcasting for the next twenty years.
(I was asked for my views, which appear in the article)

Update 20th July; Article in theWestern Mail;

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