Wednesday 11 April 2012

'Twitter's not a good thing for politics' says Cllr Kevin Madge

As election fever continues apace here in Carmarthenshire (well, sort of) and Caebrwyn's posters, carefully laminated with sellotape withstand the weather and the opposition, some interesting statements are emerging. You may remember the twitter row, covered by Cneifiwr's blog, where a Labour candidate, Shahid Hussein was reprimanded over offensive tweets. Each party duly condemned his actions but the most worrying comment came from Labour leader, (and deputy leader of the council), Kevin Madge, hoping for re-election himself;

"I have pointed out to him that Twitter is dangerous and it's not something I support. I don't use it and I do not want any of our political candidates to use it - it's only young people and not a good thing to use for politics"
(Carmarthen Journal)

Oh dear. No, perhaps not for Mr Hussein at the moment and I can't imagine how Mr Madge would fit enough tributes to Leader Meryl and the Chief Exec into 140 characters. For the rest of the modern world, including politicians, and despite the occassional hiccup, it works just fine. Let's hope, if re-elected he's not given responsibility for 'Modernising Local Government', currently held by the equally inappropriate Cllr Pam Palmer.
(Cllr Madge may be interested to know his comments have provided some amusement on twitter today, he's even been compared to late Mary Whitehouse)

Looks like Cilycwm may have it's own election row brewing as news is reaching me that one of my opponents in the election, (the current Councillor) Tom Theophilus is resorting to desperate measures by referring to myself, in less than complimentary terms, in his election leaflet. I also hear that he has come up with some legal jargon about something or other 'being disclosed in the public interest'. After having been, er,  represented by Cllr Theophilus for 30 years, I find his sudden acquisition of fine legal knowledge and judgement puzzling, perhaps he's had help from somewhere. More to follow.


Roger watts said...

As someone born in Wales (Llanelli) I hope I might be forgiven for saying that this episode does perhaps reveal a wider insularity that Wales needs to overcome on the way to a more prosperous future? I'm always struck by the difference in Ireland where there is much less of this rather limited and self satisfied smugness and a far greater willingness to adapt to a rapidly changing world?

Anonymous said...

ah but why is the world changing in such a way that seems to run by the few for the few?

then again wales has always been somewhat 'insular' even back in the 1970's/ maybe it's the way we are?

anyway, madge ought to stay away from the southwales guardian as well the way things are going on. all forms of media lol.

according to the online southwales guardian, there's been quite some events going on.. shenanigans.

The row comes in the week that Kevin Madge, Labour leader at County Hall, claimed the election campaign was the “dirtiest” he had experienced in 34 years in local politics. (anon2)