Friday, 13 April 2012

Plaid Cymru back an Independent candidate?

According to fellow local candidate, Cllr Tom Theophilus, Plaid Cymru have not put a candidate forward in this ward as they are perfectly happy with him and hope he will continue; they are entitled to their opinion of course. So, are Plaid actively hoping he'll win? Surely they wouldn't endorse another candidate, particularly one so loyal to the current ruling Independent Party, I thought Plaid were in opposition? 

This is what he says in his leaflet;

"The Llandovery and District branch of Plaid Cymru would like to declare that they had no input with the nomination of Plaid candidate to stand at the May 3rd election, confirming they are satisfied with the services given by Tom over the last 36 years to the above communities and wish it to continue"

I'd be interested to hear from Plaid.

UPDATE 14th April; I have now heard from the Plaid Cymru office who have issued this immediate response;

A spokesperson for Plaid Cymru said:

"A candidate for Plaid Cymru was due to contest the election in the Cilycwm Ward up until a few weeks ago when the candidate had to withdraw for personal reasons.  Plaid Cymru only endorses candidates for election to Carmarthenshire County Council who stand in the name of Plaid Cymru - The Party of Wales"

As there is not a Plaid candidate standing, it appears that Cllr Theophilus is trying to obtain the votes of Plaid supporters by claiming he was backed, in some way, by the party. This is clearly wrong and I hope Plaid insist he withdraws this statement as a matter of urgency and in fairness to the other candidates.

Incidentally, there is another statement in Cllr Theophilus' leaflet, unrelated to the above, which is currently being investigated by the Police.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for spotting this. I am chasing it up.Plaid Cymru definitely do not support Tom T