Monday, 14 May 2012

Carmarthenshire Council - A deal is struck

So after endless speculation (latest rumours) a formal statement has now been issued to the press confirming that deals have been done and we will have a Labour/Independent coalition at Carmarthenshire Council, the arrangement to be reviewed after 12 months. Presumably not much different from the Independent/Labour coalition we've had for the past umpteen years. Further details, including who will be Leader, and who has landed the most lucrative positions, have yet to be announced.
I will update this post as and when I hear more.

Here's the reaction from Plaid Cymru; Contempt for Democracy

and, according to Independent Leader, Cllr Pam Palmer, the decision to form a coalition with Labour has been made after 'careful consideration' and for the benefit of the residents of Carmarthenshire.
Really? I think that was the last thing on their minds.
The first round of sweeties, ie Leadership and deputies will be handed out at tonight's meeting of the Labour group. Meryl will not be leader but that will be little consolation as she will undoubtedly feature large on the Executive Board, possibly with the regeneration portfolio, ensuring that the 'dream team' of Meryl and the Chief Exec (Cllr Madge's description) will be preserved.

Thursday's AGM should prove interesting, apparently there's an item to 'consider the protocol for the nomination of Chair' - maybe an ability to Chair a meeting has become an imperative after Ivor's performance last year, and maybe one will be 'elected', rather than the automatic installation of last year's vice-chair as the usual 'free lunch' reward for loyal service.


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