Friday, 4 May 2012

Carmarthenshire Election Results

Well, I didn't win the election, and for the record, veteran sitting councillor Tom Theophilus had 307 votes, I had 264 and the Tory candidate had 136. I am very grateful for all the support I have had both locally and online and there's always next time. Naturally, I shall be back in the public gallery at the next meeting of full council. Onwards and upwards.

The overall results are disappointing to say the very least, I have not digested the full implications but Plaid have 29 seats, Labour and Meryl's Independents 22 seats apiece; fortunately Cllr Sian Caiach (People First) was returned to provide one challenging voice in the Chamber, sadly Arthur Davies and Marion Binney will now not be joining her. Meryl Gravell squeezed back in and Pam Palmer, Kevin Madge, and most of the usual suspects were returned. I suppose Meryl and Madge may form  another coalition and we'll be back where we started, or maybe Plaid will strike a deal. With the independents losing eleven seats to Labour, I imagine the phones will be buzzing over the bank holiday. Unbelievably, Ivor Jackson was also returned back in Llandovery.
If this is democracy then I despair.

Prior to the count I was highly amused to be approached by Pam Palmer herself who seemed to be trying to make overtures in the event of my success - what was she thinking?! She also said that there was no need to mention this on my blog. Naturally I assured her I wouldn't. Sorry Pam, couldn't resist it.
I decided against sharing the stage with the Chief Executive/Returning Officer Mark James for the Cilycwm results but came back into the hall in time to see a triumphant Kevin Madge (Garnant ward) waving his arms around, fortunately victory speeches weren't allowed and we were spared his usual endless drone of tributes.

As I was leaving I saw the Director of Education (not quite sure why he was there), Mr Robert Sully warmly congratulating Cllr Theophilus on his success, no doubt delighted to have his continuing, undying support of the closure of Pantycelyn School, Llandovery. I have no doubt that he gave Cllr Jackson a big hug too.

I assume Plaid Cymru will attempt to gain some power, it's the best we can hope for under the circumstances but I am sure the senior management of the council will be relieved that the status quo is almost intact and they, rather than the councillors can continue to run the show; the white elephants can relax and the questionable spending decisions remain unchallenged. The dire budget cuts can be nodded through with no elections to fret about and it will be left to a couple of bloggers to keep an eye on things.
Commiserations to all those candidates who stood with the noble intentions of making a difference in Carmarthenshire, don't give up, there's more than one way to skin a cat.

For now, and for your information, here's the full results from the council website (now including Town and Community Councils);

5th May; With the political horse trading underway, today's Evening Post reports on the possible shifting of power within the council; whatever happens I daresay it will be a case of same horse, different jockey. I would, of course, be happy to be proved wrong.

Here is Mr Meryl; or as Labour leader, Cllr Kevin Madge has described them, the 'dream team'.

(photo via Evening Post website)


Nospin said...

Well tried Jacqui your 1st go and you got 37% of the vote, very well done losing by just 40 odd votes.

As you say plenty of other ways to skin the cat.!!!!

Anonymous said...

An excellent result for you Jaqui although you were not successful.Looks like next time you might do it.

Anonymous said...

With less than 300 childrens in the school now, the sooner it closes the better!

Anonymous said...

Well done - you did really well and at least you must have caused some sleepless nigjhts to a few people in County Hall.

It is clear that the independants have lost the election - there should surely now be a pact between Labour and Plaid which would represent the majority opinion in the county.

To go back to the status quo would be perverse in the extreme and very undemocratic. Mr Madge now seems to have the whip hand and should surely be eyeing leaders role for himself with PHG given a cabinet post - or am i being too simplistic ??

Both parties are socialist and progressive and could surely work together for the good of the county.

It must now be the responsibility of Nia Griffiths to bang heads together to get rid of the neo tories that were the independants. lets have some proper thinking at County hall. Cuts should be tempered to protect the vulnerable - one of the first things to be done should be to withdraw support for offensive libel actions !!

Filming and recording of council meetings must be put on the agenda also.

Cneifiwr said...

Well done - I know you worked really hard, and you deserved a much better result. But the council's loss is the blogosphere's gain.

Anonymous said...

Jacqui your figures are all wrong.
Plaid 28, Labour 23, Ind 22.

Patricia said...

You did really well. Almost there.
I'm sure next time you will be! God knows young blood is in dire need in the confines of Colditz.

caebrwyn said...

Thanks to everyone for your comments.

Apologies for getting the numbers wrong, there were a variety of figures around when I wrote this post this afternoon.

As in 2008, Plaid are the largest group - if the independents acted independently of each other as they are supposed to, then Plaid would be in power I guess albeit with a small majority over Labour. The concept on an independent group is ridiculous and the astonishing and arrogant approach by their 'leader' Cllr Pam Palmer to me, of all people, today, says an awful lot.

I am uninspired by today's results and doubt whether the ensuing political arrangements will be progressive, the meaning of which depends on your political philosophy anyway.

caebrwyn said...

As @sijones said on Twitter this afternoon, "Business as usual in Carmarthenshire then. Expect to see more appearances of the council in Private Eye in next 5 years"

Mr Mustard said...

To come that close at your first attempt is a remarkable achievement and you should be very proud. You now have, I guess, 4 years, in which to knock on doors and deliver leaflets and become better known and become the first choice of your local residents.

I am pleased to report that in Barnet we had a better result and Mr Brian Coleman lost his seat as a London Assembly member. If you can't raise a glass in celebration then raise one in defeat and defiance (have assumed you are not teetotal so apologies if you are - never gone for it myself)

Fight on.

caebrwyn said...

Thank you Mr Mustard and good news about Mr Coleman. I am teetotal but will always raise a glass of Ribena.

Anonymous said...

Hear, hear Mr Mustard! Jacqui, you might have lost the fight but you have not lost the war. Great spirits always encounter violent opposition from mediocre minds.

Tessa said...

You put up a spirited fight, and you are spirited in defeat! Good for you! Keep up the good work, and the pressure - your county needs you more than ever! So many wasted opportunities for the voters - and I'm totally dismayed that Arthur Davies lost his seat. Part of me thinks the voters get the council they deserve. However that would ignore the voters who voted for Arthur, you and similar characters. I tend to agree with the other posters, actually - your first attempt nearly got you in, so you've paved the way for future success - or to partake of the poisoned chalice, depending on which way you look at it. Very well done - and keep posting! X.

gerry gold said...

Hi Jacquie,

What a relief. You might have been stuck in the Chamber with them for five years!!

Here's a view that puts things in the context of the majority who decided not to vote.

Stay-at-home voters reject the old political order